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A nonsurgical option for vaginal rejuvenation

As women age, they may become bothered with vaginal dryness or looseness due to past pregnancy and menopause. Multiple births or a particularly strenuous vaginal birth can cause stretching of the vaginal canal. This can cause vaginal tissues to loosen, causing both the labia majora and minora to sag. Aging and menopause can also cause functional changes like excessive dryness. These symptoms can rob both you and your partner of a sense of well-being and sexual enjoyment.

With advancements in plastic surgery, there are now treatments available to address these issues. In fact, the popularity of labiaplasty increased by 39 percent in 2016. However, not every individual may want to undergo an invasive procedure for a solution to these issues. Thankfully, an innovative and breakthrough nonsurgical vaginal rejuvenation treatment is now available to uniquely meet a woman's individual needs: ThermiVa.

Women who are living with vaginal dryness, atrophy, urinary leakage, orgasmic dysfunction, or simply wish to improve the aesthetic appearance of the labia majora can benefit from ThermiVa treatments. This treatment has been proven to help in effectively reducing these symptoms. In fact, ThermiVa is currently the only treatment technology available that can improve both the external and internal genitalia simultaneously.

About the ThermiVa procedure

ThermiVa is a great alternative for individuals seeking a nonsurgical procedure with minimal downtime. This 30-minutre treatment can be performed in-office and no anesthesia is required. Using a specially-designed electrode wand, controlled radiofrequency energy is used to gently heat targeted tissues. Patients can choose to treat the labia, the vaginal canal or both, depending on their individual desires.

The heat produced by the radiofrequency causes tissues to contract, tightening external and internal vulvovaginal tissues. Collagen production is also stimulated to tighten treatment areas. Patients will need to undergo three separate treatments over a period of three months for optimal results.

What to expect from ThermiVa

One of the many benefits of ThermiVa treatments is that there is no downtime associated. Patients can return to their everyday routine directly after and can even resume sexual activity. Since ThermiVa is a nonsurgical procedure, there are no incisions or stitches required. Unlike surgical labiaplasty procedures, there is no scarring involved with ThermiVa. Tightening of treatment areas will be immediate and will improve over the course of a few weeks as collagen production takes place.

Overall, women seeking an alternative to plastic surgery procedures like labiaplasty can benefit from noninvasive ThermiVa treatments. Individuals should do their research and find a board-certified plastic surgeon who is experienced performing ThermiVa treatments. With this painless and quick treatment, patients can experience a surge of confidence and a boost in quality of life!

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