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The increasing popularity of nonsurgical facial rejuvenation

According to statistics from ASPS, BOTOX® Cosmetic was the number one nonsurgical procedure performed in the United States last year. With over six million injections performed in the U.S. in 2012, there were actually far more appointments booked for this noninvasive rejuvenation option compared to the more than 120,000 facelifts performed the same year. Why has there been such an increase in the popularity of nonsurgical facial rejuvenation options for looking younger compared to surgery?

Endless Customization

Part of the reason there are so many nonsurgical procedures performed these days is that there are so many different options for products and techniques compared to surgery. For example, BOTOX® is just one type of muscle relaxer that can help smooth away dynamic wrinkles. And there are over a half-dozen different kinds of dermal fillers available for minimizing deeper wrinkles, as well as filling in facial scars or enhancing the lips.

If there's one thing today that people love more than ever, it's having plenty of choices; that attitude definitely includes cosmetic procedures. Having such a variety of options helps men and women feel more confident that they'll be able to find a treatment that will work best for their appearance goals.

Treatments Designed for Today's Lifestyle

Men and women today are busier than ever. Setting aside the couple of weeks that would be necessary for surgery and recovery time after a facelift may be challenging when looking at work schedules, kids' activities and how much vacation time you have saved up. Yet, nonsurgical rejuvenation procedures can be completed over a lunch break. BOTOX® Cosmetic injections and dermal fillers take just a few minutes to administer, and the results appear in a few days.

Additionally, for skin rejuvenation and resurfacing treatments like microdermabrasion, facials and chemical peels, appointments really can feel a lot more like an indulgence than a medical treatment. This means a nice break from a stressful week, plus improving your appearance at the same time. It's really a win-win approach, especially for hard-working multitaskers.

Safe for Commitment-Phobes

As consumers become more savvy and educated, they're also becoming less reluctant to commit to anything they're not 100 percent sure about. Nonsurgical rejuvenation procedures are often temporary, lasting several months before a maintenance treatment is needed. For men and women who may feel hesitant about committing to the permanence of surgery, injectables and fillers offer the perfect "try it on and see if you like it" approach to improving their look.

In fact, it's also common for patients to try out injectables and fillers as part of a regular anti-aging regimen for a few years, then move forward with surgery once they feel more comfortable with how their results are likely to look. It's almost like nonsurgical rejuvenation procedures are the training wheels to help patients prepare for surgery down the road.

The low risk factor and very low complication rates associated with noninvasive rejuvenation techniques are also a big endorsement for today's skeptical consumers. Most dermal fillers are based on substances the body produces naturally, making any risk of adverse reaction quite minimal. And of course, without surgery, there aren't any incisions, scars or recovery time to worry about. For all of these reasons, nonsurgical facial rejuvenation is definitely here to stay.

The views expressed in this blog are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.


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