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What to expect during your mommy makeover recovery

mommy makeover recovery

Mommy makeovers are unique procedures in that they are actually a customized combination of several cosmetic treatments wrapped up into one. This, however, leaves many women wondering what their recovery time might be like and how they can help the process along.

To help you prepare for a smooth, stress-free mommy makeover recovery, take a look at what you can expect at each step of the way and what you can do to help ensure optimal healing and results.

How long does a mommy makeover recovery take?

Since a mommy makeover is such an individualized procedure, the recovery time that follows will vary based on the procedures you choose to include. However, most women plan to take about two weeks away from work to rest and recover at home. Plan to enlist some help from another adult during this time, as you'll need to avoid lifting anything heavy, including your children.

During this initial stage of recovery, you can expect to have some swelling, bruising and tenderness as your body heals. Because of these side effects, don't worry about assessing your results just yet, as it can take a few weeks for swelling to diminish and your results to start revealing themselves.

As you continue to recover over the next weeks, you'll be able to gradually increase physical activity under the guidance of your plastic surgeon. Usually, around the three-month mark, you can return to your normal activities, although it can take six months to a year before you see your final mommy makeover results.

Tips for a smooth recovery

During the weeks and months after your mommy makeover, there are lots of things you can do to help your body heal, reduce complications and maximize your results:

  • Don't smoke. Your plastic surgeon will probably ask that you avoid smoking for several weeks before and after your mommy makeover since smoking can cause complications and interfere with your body's healing process.
  • Make healthy food choices. Now is not the time to worry about dieting or losing weight. Although post-mommy-makeover swelling can make you feel temporarily bloated, you need to make sure you're eating nourishing meals while you recover. Try to stock up on fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains and plenty of water.
  • Listen to your body. Although you might be eager to get back to the gym and your other regular activities, don't push your body to do too much too soon. If you're feeling uncomfortable or in pain when performing a certain task, listen to your body and ease up. When it comes to your recovery, slow and steady is the best pace.
  • When in doubt, ask your plastic surgeon. Don't hesitate to contact your plastic surgeon if you have a question or concern during recovery. He or she will be your best go-to resource for navigating the healing process and getting the most out of your mommy makeover. There truly is no such thing as a bad question.

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