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Facial Feminization Surgery


The goal of facial feminization surgery is to transform the masculine features of the face to a more feminine appearance.

What words should I know about facial feminization surgery?

Cheek augmentation

A technique whereby either dermal fillers or prosthetic implants are placed in the cheeks to augment the volume and appearance.

Chin reduction

A surgical technique which reduces the height and projection of the chin.

Forehead reduction

A surgical technique to shorten the forehead; it can also reduce the projection of the forehead above the brows.

General anesthesia

Drugs and/or gases used during an operation to relieve pain and alter consciousness.

Hairline advancement

A surgical technique to advance the hairline.


Blood pooling beneath the skin.

Intravenous sedation

Sedatives administered by injection into a vein to help you relax.

Jaw reduction

A surgical technique to reduce the width of the jaw.

Local anesthesia

A drug injected directly to the site of an incision during an operation to relieve pain.


Commonly known as a nose job, this is a technique used to feminize the nose.

Thyroid cartilage reduction

Also known as an Adam’s apple reduction, this technique shaves down the prominent thyroid cartilage in the neck.


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