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Giant Nevi Removal

Congenital Nevi Surgery

Children can be born with pigmented moles called congenital nevi. The goal of giant nevi removal is to eliminate these pigmented moles.

What words should I know about giant nevi removal?

Bathing trunk nevus

A giant congenital nevus that covers a large area of the trunk, including back, abdomen, buttocks and upper legs in the areas bathing trunks would typically cover.


A medical condition that presents at birth.

General anesthesia

Drugs and/or gases used during an operation to relieve pain and alter consciousness.


Blood pooling beneath the skin.


Pigment-producing cells in the skin that help give a mole its brown color.

Neurocutaneous melanosis

A congenital condition that involves melanocyte proliferation in the brain and spinal cord causing neurological problems. Typically causes a giant nevus and multiple satellite lesions.


The medical term for a mole. Nevi means more than one nevus.

Serial excision

The process of removing tissue in stages over the course of two or more surgeries.

Skin grafting

The process of using distant skin or skin substitutes to replace lost tissue on the body.

Sleeve nevus

A giant congenital nevus that covers large portions of a single arm like a sleeve.

Tissue expansion

The process of using medical balloons under the skin to grow additional skin for use in surgery.


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