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Current and Past Presidents

ASPS and PSF presidential leadership through the years

Complete list of presidential leadership for the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and The Plastic Surgery Foundation since 1932.


1979 ASPS President
Verner V. Lindgren*

1979 PSF President
George W. Hoffman*

1978 ASPS President
Peter Randall*

1978 PSF President
Robert Pool
Traverse City, MI

1977 ASPS President
Rexford A. Peterson*

1977 PSF President
H. Bruce Williams*

1976 ASPS President
Frederick J. McCoy*

1976 PSF President
Lester M. Cramer
Colorado Springs, CO

1975 ASPS President
Ross H. Musgrave*

1975 PSF President
William C. Grabb*

1974 ASPS President
James H. Hendrix, Jr.*

1974 PSF President
James W. Smith*

1973 ASPS President
Michael M. Gurdin*

1973 PSF President
Peter Randall*

1972 ASPS President
George F. Crikelair*

1972 PSF President
D. Ralph Millard*

1971 ASPS President
Stephan R. Lewis*

1971 PSF President
D. Ralph Millard*

1970 ASPS President
Paul Pickering*

1970 PSF President
Charles E. Horton*

*Indicates members who are deceased


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