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Current and Past Presidents

ASPS and PSF presidential leadership through the years

Complete list of presidential leadership for the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and The Plastic Surgery Foundation since 1932.


2019 ASPS President
Alan Matarasso, MD, FACS
New York, NY

2019 PSF President
Andrea Pusic, MD, MHS, FACS, FRCSC
Boston, MA

2018 ASPS President
Jeffrey Janis, MD
Columbus, OH

2018 PSF President
Arun Gosain, MD
Chicago, IL

2017 ASPS President
Debra Johnson
Sacramento, CA

2017 PSF President
Paul Cederna
Ann Arbor, MI

2016 ASPS President
David Song
Chicago, IL

2016 PSF President
Charles Butler
Houston, TX

2015 ASPS President
Scot Glasberg
New York, NY

2015 PSF President
Nicholas Vedder
Seattle, WA

2014 ASPS President
Robert X. Murphy, Jr.
Allentown, PA

2014 PSF President
Kevin C. Chung
Ann Arbor, MI

2013 ASPS President
Gregory R.D. Evans
Orange, CA

2013 PSF President
Charles N. Verheyden
Temple, TX

2012 ASPS President
Malcolm Z. Roth
Albany, NY

2012 PSF President
Michael W. Neumeister
Springfield, IL

2011 ASPS President
Phillip C. Haeck
Seattle, WA

2011 PSF President
John A. Persing
New Haven, CT

2010 ASPS President
Michael F. McGuire*

2010 PSF President
William M. Kuzon, Jr.
Ann Arbor, MI

*Indicates members who are deceased


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