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Current and Past Presidents

ASPS and PSF presidential leadership through the years

Complete list of presidential leadership for the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and The Plastic Surgery Foundation since 1932.


1989 ASPS President
George Reading
El Prado, NM

1989 PSF President
Frank L. Thorne
Mercer Island, WA

1988 ASPS President
Norman E. Hugo
New Canaan, CT

1988 PSF President
Stephen H. Miller
Evanston, IL

1987 ASPS President
Robert C. Reeder*

1987 PSF President
Ronald B. Berggren
Galena, OH

1986 ASPS President
William E. Huger, Jr.*

1986 PSF President
Frederic Rueckert
Hanover, NH

1985 ASPS President
John M Goin*

1985 PSF President
John E. Woods*
Rochester, MN

1984 ASPS President
John B. Lynch*

1984 PSF President
Garry S. Brody*
Los Angeles, CA

1983 ASPS President
Mark Gorney*

1983 PSF President
Ruedi P. Gingrass
Wauwatosa, WI

1982 ASPS President
H. William Porterfield
Keswick, VA

1982 PSF President
Hale Tolleth*

1981 ASPS President
Jerome E. Adamson
Chapel Hill, NC

1981 PSF President
Simon Fredricks*

1980 ASPS President
Frank W. Masters*

1980 PSF President
Donald R. Laub
Redwood City, CA

*Indicates members who are deceased


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