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Current and Past Presidents

ASPS and PSF presidential leadership through the years

Complete list of presidential leadership for the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and The Plastic Surgery Foundation since 1932.


2009 ASPS President
John W. Canady
Santa Barbara, CA

2009 PSF President
Peter C. Neligan
Seattle, WA

2008 ASPS President
Richard A. D'Amico
Englewood, NJ

2008 PSF President
Linda G. Phillips
Galveston, TX

2007 ASPS President
Roxanne J. Guy
Melbourne, FL

2007 PSF President
Carolyn L. Kerrigan
Lebanon, NH

2006 ASPS President
Bruce L. Cunningham
Minneapolis, MN

2006 PSF President
Brian M. Kinney
Beverly Hills, CA

2005 ASPS President
Scott L. Spear*

2005 PSF President
Thomas R. Stevenson
Sacramento, CA

2004 ASPS President
Rod J. Rohrich
Dallas, TX

2004 PSF President
Allen L. Van Beek
Edina, MN

2003 ASPS President
James H. Wells
Long Beach, CA

2003 PSF President
Stephen J. Mathes*

2002 ASPS President
Edward A. Luce
Memphis, TN

2002 PSF President
David L. Larson
Elm Grove, WI

2001 ASPS President
Walter L. Erhardt
Albany, GA

2001 PSF President
Robert L. Ruberg
Columbus, OH

2000 ASPS President
C. Lin Puckett
Columbia, MO

2000 PSF President
Bruce M. Achauer*

*Indicates members who are deceased


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