Female-to-Male Gender Confirmation Surgeries

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Restoring Facial Volume: Fat Grafting vs. Fillers

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Breast Augmentation: Size & Proportion

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Everything You Need To Know About Labioplasty

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Couples Plastic Surgery By The Decade

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Body Contouring Completes Weight Loss Journey

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Most Commonly Requested Plastic Surgery For Men

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Breast Reduction Takes a Load Off Your Back

I am often asked, “What operation has the happiest post-op patients?” The answer is easy – Breast Reduction.  Read more

Common Body Contouring Questions Answered

ASPS member Dr. Jay Lucas, MD, answers common questions patients have about body contouring after major weight loss.  Read more

Misconceptions About Breast Augmentation and Lift

A breast augmentation and lift is an excellent option for women who want to restore fullness and correct sagging that can occur after having children, losing weight, or with aging.  Read more

The Bottom Line on Butt Augmentation

For years, buttock surgery has been the poor, ignored little sister to breast surgery. No longer. Over the last decade, surgery to improve the appearance of the buttocks has grown into its own.  Read more

Plastic Surgery Important Step in Gender Dysphoria Treatment of Transgender Individuals

Individuals with gender dysphoria often describe being born in the wrong body, and plastic surgery is an important step in aligning their bodies with whom they know themselves to be.  Read more

Tragedy in the Tropics: Proceed With Caution When Having Plastic Surgery Abroad

Once again, there is news of an untimely death as a result of plastic surgery performed in a Dominican clinic. My advice for patients considering plastic surgery abroad is to weigh all risks, understand potential complications and proceed with caution.  Read more

The Medical Benefits of a Tummy Tuck

Between 2000 and 2014 the number of tummy tuck procedures rose an impressive 87 percent. Many procedures were, no doubt, for cosmetic reasons, but there are several medical benefits to be gained after the procedure.  Read more

Video: Smart Lift Facial Rejuvenation

How many time have we all sat in front of our mirrors pulling up on the corners of our jaw line— to simulate a facelift?  Read more

Is Eyelid Surgery Right for You?

Has anyone asked you lately – are you OK? You look tired… BUT you feel fine?! This is the classic question for the patient who is nearing the time for eyelid surgery.  Read more

The 4 S’s When Considering Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation remains the most popular cosmetic surgery procedure in the nation. As the number of surgeries continue to grow, so do the advancements. It's important to consider the 4 S's of breast augmentation surgery.  Read more

Five Spots You Never Knew Could Look So Great After Lipo

In some cases, liposuction can be an ideal way to address problem areas. By specifically targeting the areas that bother you the most, lipo can help your body look amazing in five places you never expected.  Read more

2013 Stats Reveal Advances in Plastic Surgery Driving Growth

2013 stats reveal advances in plastic surgery driving growth  Read more

Focusing on Eyelid Surgery: What You Need to Know

Over the years, eyelids can start to sag. Not only can they make a person look older, but they may feel very heavy. If you are experiencing droopy lids, you may wonder if an elective blepharoplasty, also known as eyelid surgery, is right for you.  Read more

The Increasing Popularity of Nonsurgical Facial Rejuvenation

According to statistics from ASPS, BOTOX® Cosmetic was the number one nonsurgical procedure performed in the United States last year. With over six million injections performed in the U.S. in 2012, there were actually far more appointments booked for this noninvasive rejuvenation option compared to the more than 120,000 facelifts performed the same year. Why has there been such an increase in the popularity of nonsurgical facial rejuvenation options for looking younger compared to surgery?  Read more