Design for Natural Breast Augmentation: The ‘ICE’ Principle

Natural breast beauty in breast augmentation may be achieved consistently using simple ‘ICE’ principle for surgical planning, says study in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.  Read more

Botox Around Eyes and Its Results

Botox around eyes can smooth out the wrinkles, although it must be repeated four to six months to maintain the rejuvenated look. This treatment is an ideal option for patients who want to avoid [eyelid] surgery that results in downtime.  Read more

Why an Accredited Surgery Center Matters

Are you sure you chose an accredited surgical facility with a clean background? This is a detail that many people overlook, assuming the operating room will be fine. However, choosing an accredited facility is vital for a safe experience.  Read more

Recovering From A Brazilian Butt Lift

It’s no secret that the popularity of buttock augmentation is on the rise. If you are considering buttock augmentation, learn what to expect during your recovery with these excellent insights from Dr. Kamran Azad.  Read more

The Bottom Line On Fat Grafting For Buttock Augmentation

ASPS member Dr. Jay Lucas discusses the growing interest in plastic surgery for buttocks and highlights fat grafting as an option buttock augmentation.  Read more

Which Tummy Tuck Is Right for Me?

ASPS member Dr. Shahram Salemy explains the different varieties of tummy tucks and offers insights about selecting the appropriate one.  Read more

Gynecomastia After Weight Loss

Gynecomastia after weight loss often requires longer incisions and more contouring due to the presence of redundant skin, tissue, and fat. The goal is to create a masculine, natural-looking chest in which the scars are positioned discreetly.  Read more

Worried About Skin Rolls Around Your Bra Line?

ASPS member Dr. Jay Lucas highlights treatment options for women to consider if they are worried about skin rolls around their bra line.  Read more

Consider Custom Solutions for a Sagging Neckline

ASPS member Dr. Jay Lucas highlights several options to consider if you are thinking about plastic surgery for a sagging neckline.  Read more

Breast Reconstruction Myths Debunked

ASPS member Dr. Minas Chrysopoulo debunks several common myths regarding breast reconstruction.  Read more

Plastic Surgery and Regenerative Medicine

Regenerative Medicine is a growing new field in medicine that is based on the concept that physicians can harness the body’s own powers to heal itself rather than relying exclusively on drugs or invasive surgical procedures.  Read more

Breast Reconstruction Tweet Chat and the Value of Social Media

Breast reconstruction advocate Terri Coutee recaps the #BCSM tweet chat that she did with ASPS President Dr. David Song discussing breast reconstruction options and resources.  Read more

Options and Resources for Breast Reconstruction after Mastectomy

Breast reconstruction is an option for women and men after having a mastectomy due to a breast cancer diagnosis. Breast reconstruction is a personal choice, a choice that is not for everyone, but a choice that everyone deserves to know about.  Read more

Ask Your Doctor—Radiation and DIEP Flap Breast Reconstruction

ASPS member Dr. Minas Chrysopoulo answers common questions about radiation and DIEP flap breast reconstruction.  Read more

Breast Cancer to Reconstruction and Your Healthcare Team

Breast cancer survivor Terri Coutee shares her experience battling cancer and undergoing breast reconstruction with ASPS member Dr. Minas Chrysopoulo.  Read more

Why the "One and Done" Approach to Breast Reconstruction Can Be Misleading

ASPS member Dr. Minas Chrysopoulo discusses the new "one and done" approach to breast reconstruction and why this term can be misleading to patients as over 30% of women will need further surgery.  Read more

“New Year, New You” and Plastic Surgery: Is There Something to This Slogan?

ASPS member Dr. Karen Horton highlights a few plastic surgery procedures available in 2016 that can help your exterior reflect your very best self and reach your New Year's resolutions.  Read more

10 Features of a Safe Operating Room

If you’re having plastic surgery, you’re probably putting 100% of your focus on choosing your surgeon. But where you have your surgery is as important as who does your surgery.  Read more

Look As Good As You Feel In 2016

ASPS member Dr. Jay Lucas recommends procedures for patients to look as good as they feel in the new year.  Read more

Using Digital Imaging to Help Plan Facial Cosmetic Surgery

In today’s high-tech world, top plastic surgeons have access to digital imaging software that can help patients to communicate their desires to their surgeons more effectively prior to facial cosmetic surgery.  Read more

What Can Plastic Surgery Offer Men?

What can a comprehensive plastic surgery center offer to men? ASPS member Dr. Jay Lucas shares the answer!  Read more

Fat Grafting History and Applications

Fat grafting, also referred to as fat transfer or fat injections, is the surgical process by which fat is transferred from one area of the body to another area.  Read more

The Skinny on CoolSculpting

The leader in non-surgical fat reduction has emerged, and it is known as CoolSculpting.  Read more

Restoring Facial Volume: Fat Grafting vs. Fillers

What is the best option for restoring volume to your face? ASPS member Dr. Jay Lucas discusses fat grafting vs. filler agents.  Read more

Female-to-Male Gender Confirmation Surgeries

For patients with severe gender dysphoria, or gender incongruence, surgery has been a mainstay of treatment for decades.  Read more

Breast Augmentation: Size & Proportion

Successful aesthetic breast surgery, including breast implants, is all about a keen understanding of appropriate breast size and proportions.  Read more

Everything You Need To Know About Labioplasty

Labioplasty, the surgical reduction of the labia minora, the inner lips of the vaginal lips, is an increasingly popular cosmetic surgery procedure.  Read more

Couples Plastic Surgery By The Decade

Couples plastic surgery has never been more “in”. Here we compiled a list of Couples Plastic Surgery by the Decade.  Read more

Want To Restore Aging Skin? Try Micro-Needling

What is micro-needling and why is it a great tool for restoring aging skin?  Read more

Body Contouring Completes Weight Loss Journey

Liberate your body and spirit with body contouring after bariatric surgical weight loss.  Read more