Is a Cosmetic Surgeon a Plastic Surgeon?

When a patient begins a search to find a plastic surgeon, one of the most common things he or she is not aware of is that there is a difference between a plastic surgeon and a cosmetic surgeon. Cosmetic surgery is performed by many physicians, and unfortunately, some are not under the guidance of a properly credentialed board.  Read more

Medical Tourism: Approach with Vigilance

Medical tourism is marketed on the basis that health care can be off-shored much like the production of computers and cell phones or the provision of professional services such as bookkeeping and accounting. Good surgical care, however, involves more than just the technical act of surgery itself. It requires extensive and careful preoperative consultation, deliberate formulation of reasonable treatment plans, and implementation of proper postoperative care.  Read more

Do Your Plastic Surgery Homework — It Could Save Your Life

Almost every day, we see a new story about the most requested celebrity body parts. Last month, U.K. patients favored Kate Middleton’s nose. For a few years now, some women have been looking for a fuller backside à la Jennifer Lopez or Kim Kardashian.  Read more

Gifting Cosmetic Surgery: A Delicate Balance

With the holidays approaching, many are wondering if gifting a cosmetic procedure is appropriate. Personally, I discourage this practice as it tends to trivialize a potentially invasive intervention. However, if gifting a cosmetic procedure is on your holiday to-do list, here are some things to consider.  Read more

Remember the Three P's of Plastic Surgery

It used to be that one would go to a salon simply to get one's hair and nails done, but these days salons offer all kinds of beauty treatments including cosmetic injectables and even more invasive procedures. The prices can be very cheap, but the results can be catastrophic.  Read more

Part 3 of 3: Cosmetic Results are Impacted by Reconstructive Training

We are fond of saying that to become a great cosmetic surgeon, one must first be a great reconstructive surgeon. This is for several reasons.  Read more

Part 2 of 3: Becoming a Plastic Surgeon

Even the most gifted plastic surgeon does not always produce a perfect, “home-run” result, but it is a hallmark of a good plastic surgeon that he/she will always aim to do so, and will ethically manage complications and disappointments to the best of his/her skill set.  Read more

Part 1 of 3: Why a Plastic Surgeon?

Every so often, a patient walks into my office, referred by her dermatologist for a new skin lesion after I have previously removed one to her satisfaction, and I discover the patient has, in the interim, gone to see someone else for a cosmetic surgery procedure.  Read more