How Long Should the Ad Run?

Even though it is possible to receive several responses from a one-time placement of a recruitment ad, it is best to place your ad online for at least three consecutive months.

This increased exposure should result in a greater response, providing a larger group of candidates to choose from.

What Should Be Included in the Ad Copy?

Location is the most important factor to a job seeker. The more details provided in the ad about the position and the area will result in more interest in the available position.

Information you should consider including in your ad to attract qualified candidates:

  • Practice type
  • Benefits
  • Affiliations with a hospital or university
  • Onsite surgical facility
  • Special training required
  • Information about the community/lifestyle
  • Contact information - email, phone and/or fax

Why Use the Job Opportunity Board (JOB) for Recruiting?

JOB advertising advantages:

  • Free access to curriculum vitae posted by job seekers
  • Ads can be posted online at any time - no deadlines to meet
  • JOB is interactive - if an email address is provided in the ad, job seekers can respond directly from the Job Opportunity Board
  • If you want to change your ad copy, you can do so at any time
  • Web-savvy job seekers can search the job opportunities as they are posted

Another Option

ASPS also accepts recruitment ads in the classified section of Plastic Surgery News.

To place your ad in the next available issue of PSN, contact the Society's PSN classified advertising sales representative, Keida Spurlock, Wolters Kluwer Health, for more information:

Phone: (215) 521-8501