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International Membership Process

International Membership

Plastic surgeons who have completed their residency/training.

If you have any questions, please contact Ms. Romina Valadez at

International Membership

The first step in joining ASPS as an International Member is to become an International Candidate for Membership.

As an International Candidate, you will receive educational benefits immediately upon receipt of your application and payment of your International Candidate dues. Please note a one-time application fee of $150 will be required when submitting your application. The yearly dues are pro-rated by the month in which you apply. Applicants who completed their residency or training within the last three years will be candidates for up to three years.

Once your completed application materials are received you will be placed on the next available ballot to become an International Member. Once voted into full International membership, your annual dues are $437 USD and will be billed each November.

As an International Candidate you will receive the following educational benefits:

  • Electronic subscription to Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (PRS)*
  • Electronic subscription to Plastic Surgery News (PSN)
  • Electronic subscription to ASPS Education Network (ASPS EdNet)
  • Discounted registration for meetings and symposia, including Plastic Surgery The Meeting
  • Presentation of papers and participation in discussions at Plastic Surgery The Meeting
  • Member discounts on educational preparation services and instructional testing (In-Service)
  • Research Grant opportunities through The Plastic Surgery Foundation
  • Access to the ASPS Global Partners Webinar Series in collaboration with our partners around the globe

*North America receive the printed version of PRS Journal upon request

Here is the schedule of pro-rated International Candidate dues (USD) for the year:

Month of Application Candidate Dues
January $360
February $330
March $300
April $271
May $240
June $210
July $180
August $150
September $120
October* $360*
November* $360*
December* $360*

*Note that applications and payments received in October, November and December will apply for the balance of the year and the next year's Candidate dues.

Application Information

In addition to the application, all applicants located within an ASPS Global Partner country will need to provide a letter from the national society of your country attesting that your membership is in good standing. This must include the date you became a member of your national society. All applicants shall reside and practice in countries other than the United States or Canada at the time the application is submitted.

For applicants from non-Global Partner* countries, you must also submit a letter of sponsorship from an ASPS member, your CV and a list of your publications and presentations.

Return all application materials (application, photo, sponsorship letters, application fee) to ASPS at

If you have questions about ASPS member benefits or the membership process, please contact ASPS Member Services at (847) 228-9900 or

Global Partners*

ASPS has a formal Global Partner agreement with 48 national societies around the world. If you reside or practice plastic surgery in one of these countries, please select the Global Partner application.

Argentina, 2015 (SACPER) Australia, 2008 (ASPS)
Belgium, 2010 (RBSPS) Brazil, 2010 (SBCP)
Chile, 2021 (SCCP) Colombia, 2017 (SCCP)
Costa Rica, 2021 (AMECPRE) Croatia, 2022 (CSPRAS)
Cyprus, 2021 (CySPRAS) Dominican Republic, 2021 (SODOCIPRE)
Ecuador, 2023 (SECPRE) Egypt, 2019 (ESPRS)
Finland, 2022 (FABRAS) France, 2010 (SOFCPRE)
Germany, 2019 (DGPRAC) Guatemala, 2022 (ACPERG)
India, 2020 (APSI) Indonesia, 2019 (InaPRAS)
Ireland, 2011 (IAPS) Israel, 2012 (ISPAS)
Italy, 2013 (SICPRE) Japan, 2015 (JSPRS)
Jordan, 2021 (JSPRS) Kuwait, 2022 (KSPS)
Malaysia, 2022 (MSPRS) Mexico, 2016 (AMCPER)
Netherlands, 2010 (NVPC) New Zealand, 2009 (NZAPS)
Norway, 2019 (NPKF) Oman, 2022 (OSPRAS)
Pakistan, 2019 (PAPS) Peru, 2021 (SPCPRE)
Philippines, 2020 (PAPRAS) Poland, 2022 (PSPRAS)
Portugal, 2022 (SPCPRE) Romania, 2019 (RoAPS)
Russia, 2021 (RSPRAS) Saudi Arabia, 2021 (SPSCS)
Singapore, 2012 (SAPS) South Africa, 2011 (APRSSA)
South Korea, 2010 (KSPRS) Spain, 2016 (SECPRE)
Switzerland, 2021 (SSPRaeS) Taiwan, 2011 (TSPS)
Thailand, 2018 (ThPRS) Turkey, 2018 (TSPRAS)
United Arab Emirates, 2021 (EPSS) United Kingdom, 2010 (BAPRAS)
Venezuela, 2019 (SVCPREM)