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Breast Reconstruction

A Patient's Guide to Understanding Her Treatment Options

Recent studies show more than 3 million women have a history of breast cancer in the United States. Every woman should know her options and have adequate information to make an educated decision about her breast cancer treatment. The third edition of Breast Reconstruction provides exclusive coverage on all topics related to breast reconstruction to help patients understand their treatment options. This publication – a special supplement to Plastic Surgery News – sheds light on common misconceptions of breast cancer and provides stories of hope, courage and innovation from the patients' and physicians' perspective. This issue also details initiatives by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and The Plastic Surgery Foundation to increase awareness of breast reconstruction options and the importance of consulting a plastic surgeon certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery when considering this procedure.

Breast Reconstruction 2023

Includes stories on:
  • Patients show a different side of themselves in Reblossom
  • Australian breast cancer survivor takes educational podcast global
  • How to talk to your kids about a cancer diagnosis and breast reconstruction
  • ASPS advocacy efforts prove vital on access to breast reconstruction
  • New techniques to deal with post-mastectomy chest numbness
  • Diet and exercise tips ahead of breast reconstruction
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Breast Reconstruction 2022

Includes stories on:
  • Reconstruction journeys inspire powerful art
  • Clearing up common misconceptions about breast reconstruction
  • Research to reduce racial disparities
  • Finding the right plastic surgeon for your breast reconstruction
  • A hospitalist's journey
  • Tips for post-operative pain management
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Breast Reconstruction 2021

Includes stories on:
  • Amplifying the narratives for survivors of color
  • Bringing home to breast cancer patients in Africa
  • Removing barriers to reconstruction in Louisiana
  • Supporting breast reconstruction efforts in California
  • Tips for traveling to another city for reconstruction
  • A survivor helping other women to stay strong and 'fight pretty'
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Breast Reconstruction 2020

Includes stories on:
  • Survivor helps women find healing – and hope
  • Changing the narrative in the Black community
  • ASPS president's personal reconstruction journey
  • Young scientist recounts her BRCA journey
  • Breast Reconstruction Awareness Day: Get involved
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Breast Reconstruction 2019

Includes stories on:
  • They're called 'Breast Goddesses,' for their strength after surviving breast cancer
  • Actress chronicles her journey through two cancer diagnoses
  • Bringing breast reconstruction education to patients in developing nations
  • National Breast Implant Registry (NBIR): A vital step to patient safety
  • Two ASPS members target the medically underserved in the United States
  • Five questions to ask before undergoing your breast reconstruction
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Breast Reconstruction 2018

Includes stories on:
  • Power of sisterhood: Survivors help women rebuild their lives after cancer
  • Understanding your options after preventative mastectomy
  • Cancer survivor and plastic surgeon bring awareness to underserved communities
  • Pros and cons of breast reconstruction
  • Women bare their surgical scars in art exhibition
  • Navigating sexuality after treatment
  • Yoga moves to restore vitality
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Breast Reconstruction 2017

Includes stories on:
  • Fashion designer helps women discover their beauty in cancer fight
  • On the other side: When a plastic surgeon becomes a cancer patient
  • Breast reconstruction myths dispelled
  • Why breast cancer patients deserve a board-certified plastic surgeon
  • Open letter: Plastic surgeons pen why they perform breast reconstruction
  • Celebrate Breast Reconstruction Awareness Day
  • Physician answers common questions about breast reconstruction
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