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Congress: ASPS on High Cost of Prescription Drugs

ASPS joined the Alliance of Specialty Medicine to challenge policy that would require drug samples to be reported as items of "value" through the Open Payments Database.

Texas: Plastic Surgery Works to Shape OON Bill

ASPS worked with the Texas Society of Plastic Surgeons to influence negotiations and shape portions of the state’s second shot at solving the issue of out-of-network billing

Florida: Improve OBS Standards of Patient Safety

ASPS partners with the Florida Society of Plastic Surgeons to improve standards of care for office-based surgery and BBL procedures in the Sunshine State.


Colorado: Stop Ban on Balance Billing

ASPS urged Colorado to protect patients from balance billing with comprehensive reforms that fairly reimburse surgeons without implementing a complete ban on the practice.

CO, IA & WA: Protect Gender Confirmation Coverage

ASPS fights to protect transgender patients in Colorado, Iowa and Washington by lobbying for coverage of medically necessary transition-related care.

Congress: Bundled Billing Won't Solve Surprise Billing

ASPS and national stakeholders urged members of the Senate to oppose a federal proposal that would address surprise medical bills through hospital bundled billing.

Pennsylvania: Withdraw Optometric Surgery Bill

ASPS and the Robert H. Ivy Pennsylvania Society of Plastic Surgeons urge a state Senator to withdraw legislation that would allow optometrist to perform surgical procedures.