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Diversity and Inclusion Resources

The ASPS Diversity and Inclusion Resource Library is designed to provide articles, best practices, training guides and other tools to promote and advance diversity, equity, access and inclusion across the Society.

Diversity and Inclusion


The Society's mission is to advance diversity and inclusion at all levels within ASPS, regardless of race, ethnicity, age, gender, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, economic status, membership status, employment type and other diverse backgrounds.


The Diversity and Inclusion Committee is composed of ASPS Member Surgeons with expertise in diversity, cultural competence, human resources, ethics and/or law. The committee will work closely with its leadership to promote the Society's diversity goals, identify areas of growth and promote the value of having a diverse group of surgeon members included in all the entity's activities to ensure full and equal representation and participation in ASPS and to eliminate any bias, perceived or actual.


The Diversity and Inclusion Committee's ongoing efforts include recognizing individual and organizational barriers to diversity and inclusion; identifying emerging issues that can impact diversity within ASPS; creating new initiatives that promote diversity and inclusion; and ensuring that the many perspectives, views and ideas represented by this inherently diverse membership community are incorporated at all levels. The committee will also communicate diversity and inclusion achievements and act as the point of contact for ASPS for matters concerning diversity and inclusion.

Questions, comments, concerns? Contact the Diversity and Inclusion committee at or Isiah D. Moore at