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Residents and Fellows Forum
United States and Canada

For US and Canada Residents and Fellows, ASPS offers a one-year enrollment in the Resident and Fellows Forum with a term beginning July 1 and ending June 30 for $100 per year.

A six-month term is available beginning after November 1 with the term ending on June 30.

Residents / Fellow Benefits

ASPS contacts most residency training programs to obtain the list of residents. The residency's training program director or coordinator provides ASPS with a list of all residents.

Residents and Fellows who are not included (see above), should apply here:

Resident Application Fellow Application Paper Application

ASPS is proud to offer an array of member benefits to the next generation of plastic surgeons including:

  • Subscription to Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (PRS)
  • Subscription to Plastic Surgery News (PSN)
  • Subscription to Plastic Surgery Resident (PSR)
  • Access to ASPS Education Network (EdNet)
  • Access to Resident Education Curriculum (REC)
  • Access to members-only resources on the ASPS website
  • Free admission to Plastic Surgery The Meeting with registration completed prior to the end of the early bird registration deadline
  • A dedicated Resident section on the members-only message board
  • Access to the ASPS Job Opportunity Board and on-site interviews
  • Access to information on The PSF grants and scholarship programs
  • Significant discounts on ASPS products and meetings

Enrollment Requirements

Enrollment in the ASPS Residents & Fellows Forum is open to:

  • Residents actively engaged in an accredited plastic surgery residency program in the US or Canada
  • Fellows actively engaged in an ACGME accredited or private fellowship in the US or Canada