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Medical Student to Plastic Surgery Resident
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On behalf of the American Society of Plastic Surgery Residency Council, welcome!

The ROADMAPS program was developed by Plastic Surgery residents and fellows from across the country to assist medical students who choose a career in plastic surgery. Established in 2020 through support by the American Society of Plastic Surgery [in collaboration with the American Council of Academic Plastic Surgeons (ACAPS)], the mission of the ROADMAPS program is to cultivate and support medical students who choose a career in our innovative field!

Currently, there is no centralized location for students that offers advice and vetted resources on how to pursue a career in plastic surgery. We hope to change that through the information and programming offered through ROADMAPS.

ROADMAPS stands for the Recruitment Of Accomplished & Diverse Medical-student Applicants into Plastic Surgery. We understand that it is critically important to recruit the best and brightest to our specialty regardless of background. Therefore, we have established this website as a resource for all. We hope that you find it helpful!

We will be continually updating the content on this website. Please follow us on social (@ASPSroadmaps) where we will periodically post new content that our website hopes to share.

Joseph Lopez, MD, MBA
ASPS Resident Council Chair (2019-2020)
(On behalf of the ROADMAPS Resident Council Subcommittee)