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Setting up practice specials on your Connect profile

There's a lot that goes into deciding to have plastic surgery and choosing a plastic surgeon, but sometimes a special offer can be the thing that pushes someone off the fence into action. If your practice is offering specials or discounts, naturally you'll want to advertise them on your Connect profile. Here's how:

Adding a special to your profile

On your Member Dashboard at, navigate to My Content > Connect Profile and open the Specials tab at the bottom. There, you'll see the edit window for your first special.

Start by giving your special a name, like "Breast Augmentation Special" or "Spring Discount." Enter this into Public Name. This will be the headline on your special.

Next, enter a short description of your offer into the Special Body box. There is a 500-character limit to your description, so be brief. You can add as many specials as you need, so if there are multiple parts to your offer, such as "20% off gummy bear implants or 15% off saline implants," consider breaking it up into separate offers.

Add the Expiration Date in the marked field. There is no limit to how far out you can set the expiration date. However, if your offer has no set expiration, consider setting it not more than 6 months to a year out, then extending the date as needed. This reduces your risk if you have to adjust your pricing in the future.

Select an option in the Special Value dropdown. There are four options:

  • Price: Lets you set a fixed price for your offer, such as "Gummy Bear Implants: $5000."
  • Percent Off: Set a percentage discount, such as "20% off breast augmentation."
  • Price Off: Set a dollar amount discount, such as "$500 off breast augmentation."
  • Free: Offer something for free, such as "Free consultation when you mention ASPS."

When you select Price, Percent Off or Price Off, a second field will appear to enter the value of the discount. This will appear as a flag next to the special headline.

Finally, check the box marked Special should display on my Connect Profile and click the +Add button. Once you have added your first special, the Specials tab will appear on your Connect profile, and you'll see your specials there. Here's an example of a filled-out special, and how it appears on your Connect profile:

How do I edit my special?

Once your special is saved, it will appear in a list in your Specials tab under My Content > Connect profile. Click and drag the Drag to reorder your specials. To permanently remove a special, click the red Delete button. Click the Edit button to reopen the edit window and make any changes you desire. For example, you may want to change the expiration date to keep your special going for longer. Unchecking the Special should display on Connect Profile box will hide the special from your Connect profile without permanently deleting it, so you can add it back whenever you want.

What happens when my special expires?

Once your set expiration date passes, your special will automatically disappear from your Connect profile. It will still exist in your My Content > Connect Profile section of your member account, so you can reintroduce it at any time by changing the expiration date to some point in the future.

What if I don't have any practice specials?

If you don't add any practice specials, the Specials tab on your Connect profile won't appear. Similarly, if all your practice specials have expired or been hidden, your Specials tab will disappear.

Why am I getting an error when I try to save my special?

In order to save your special, all the fields must be filled out correctly. Make sure you selected one of the four Special Value types and added a value in the field that appears (apart from free offers). Also, make sure the content in the Special Body is less than 500 characters. If possible, break long offers into multiple smaller offers to save space.