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Plastic Surgery Resident (PSR) is a quarterly publication created by the editors of Plastic Surgery News and Young Plastic Surgeons Perspective specifically to meet the needs of plastic surgery residents. The magazine offers career tips, recommended journal articles, CPT coding information and practice management topics that aren't often included in a plastic surgery training program.

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Recent Issues

Winter 2023

Includes stories on:
  • Imposter syndrome: Causes, effects – and solutions
  • Residents Bowl won for 3rd time by OSU
  • How to help a scuffling senior resident
  • InService Insights: Congenital ear anomalies
  • Hand giant reflects on the specialty and his past
  • The demands and rewards of training in Mexico
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Fall 2022

Includes stories on:
  • Residents and the Residents Council react to sudden program closures
  • Q&A with The PSF President Bernard T. Lee, MD, MBA, MPH
  • Getting to know Boston ahead of PSTM22
  • Working through the disappointment of patient complications
  • Residents get engaged on Capitol Hill
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Summer 2022

Includes stories on:
  • U.S. and Ukranian surgeons fight to serve
  • Oral Board Examination help has arrived
  • Fu-Chan Wei, MD, on surgery – and himself
  • InService Insights: Body contouring, Part II
  • 'I'm not getting along with my attending'
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Spring 2022

Includes stories on:
  • How to build an invention as a resident
  • PRIDE Forum gathers in Atlanta
  • Septic wrist: Do your eyes deceive you?
  • InService Insights: Body contouring, Part I
  • International perspective from Helsinki
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Winter 2021

Includes stories on:
  • How they succeeded at three levels of training
  • Residents Bowl victory goes to Mount Sinai
  • InService Insights: Gender-affirming mastectomy
  • Tackling flap issues, microsurgery emergencies
  • Houston Methodist Hospital forged by skill, foresight
  • Residency in Italy: Plenty of competition, few slots
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Fall 2021

Includes stories on:
  • The inescapable evolution of telehealth in plastic surgery
  • How to crush that virtual job interview
  • The rise of plastic surgery at Emory University
  • Level the 'matching' playing field with these tips
  • ASPS president: Get involved in organized medicine
  • Decorated microsurgeon illuminates the subspecialty
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Summer 2021

Includes stories on:
  • Military plastic surgeons reflect upon service and surgery
  • A military veteran talks passion, mentors and experience
  • PRIDE Forum: New ASPS initiative launches
  • Three plastic surgeons deep-dive into microsurgery
  • InService Insights: Soft-tissue defects, reconstruction
  • What's advisable – and sustainable – after residency?
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Spring 2021

Includes stories on:
  • Plastic surgery veterans offer advice on life after residency
  • Get to know ASPS President Joseph Losee, MD
  • How to manage your most precious commodity: time
  • Finger ischemia covered in Consult Corner
  • InService Insights: nerves, TMR and RPNI
  • Program Peek reveals the University of Miami
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