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Patient Selection Resources
Helpful resources when assessing your patients for plastic surgery procedures
Physician's Guide to Cosmetic Surgery
Includes chapters on facial surgery and skin care, skin rejuvenation and body contouring.
Patient Safety Resources
The ASPS Patient Safety Committee has compiled these patient safety resources to assist physicians in clinical decision making.
Preoperative Assessment
Preoperative assessment resources to ensure proper patient selection
Informed Consent Resources
Informed consent and patient release resources
Ambulatory and Office Based Surgery Center
Resources for ambulatory and office based surgery centers
Operating Room Safety
Resources to promote patient safety in the operating room
Breast Procedures
Documents include practice parameters and insurance coverage criteria on breast implants, breast reconstruction, breast reduction and gynecomastia.
Key Issues in Plastic Surgery
A range of papers on health policy and advocacy issues in plastic surgery, including cosmetic procedure taxes, dental scope of practice, emergency care, and professional liability.
Office-based Surgery
Documents include ASPS accreditation bylaws, AMA patient safety principles and a state regulations chart and map.
Healthcare Truth in Advertising
Resources include a chart detailing physician truth in advertising laws by state.
Cosmetic Procedure Taxes
Documents include position statement and talking points
Key Issues in Injectables
Documents include policy statement and legal analysis