Heading into the job market can be daunting unless you are prepared for every step of the job search. In the Career Resources section of the Job Opportunity Board, ASPS supplies information to use as a guide in preparing for your job search and securing a position.


Working With Recruiters
How to work with recruiters.
Preparing Your Credentials
How to prepare your cover letter and curriculum vitae: they should not only be a good indicator of your education, training and experience, but should also make a professional impression on the practice representative.
Interviewing Tips
Your impressive CV and intelligent cover letter has secured you an interview. Learn how to prepare and what questions do you ask.
Obtaining References
How many do you need, who do you choose to write the letters and can you influence what is written?
Ten Things I Wish I Knew Before Entering Practice
The Young Plastic Surgeons Forum shares their “Top Ten” list of focus areas that require greater attention prior to entering the real world of the plastic surgery practice.