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2014 California Session Draws to an End

California legislators tried to quickly move measures through their respective chambers before adjournment of the 2014 session. Here is a roundup of some recent legislative happenings in the state.

California Senate Bill 429 was successfully defeated after being placed on the inactive file shortly before California's legislative session came to a close. The bill would have greatly expanded an optometrist’s scope of practice to allow them to perform minor surgical procedures while also expanding their prescribing authority.

Senate Bill 600 is now in the hands of Governor Jerry Brown, who will have until September 30 to sign or veto the bill before it automatically becomes law. The measure stipulates that any foreign dangerous drug that is not approved by the FDA or that is obtained outside the licensed supply chain regulated by the FDA is misbranded and provides that any person who purchases said foreign dangerous drug or medical device is guilty of a misdemeanor and subject to imprisonment and/or fine. This bill was designed to curb the illegal importation of drugs and devices of unknown origin and quality.

Another measure awaiting the Governor's signature is SB 1466 which enacts an adverse event reporting requirement. The law would require any physician or surgeon performing a procedure outside of a hospital that results in a death to report, in writing, the occurrence to the Medical Board of California within 15 days of the occurrence.