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ASPS Launches New Program with State, Regional and Local Societies

Because the American Society of Plastic Surgeons recognizes that state, regional and local plastic surgery societies are an essential part of state advocacy efforts, it has launched a new initiative with over 40 of those societies to ensure that ASPS members throughout the country are fully supported through a collaborative effort. Our local societies often face challenges due to limited staff and resources, and these challenges can prevent them from engaging in the state policy process. ASPS is working to better support these societies and their local advocacy efforts by connecting them with ASPS staff, strategy and funding.

As part of this new program, ASPS will offer opportunities for direct financial support to local societies through a new ASPS State Advocacy Grant Program (see companion article) and through opportunities for ASPS and our for-profit subsidiaries to exhibit at your educational meetings. ASPS will proactively identify key state policy issues as they are introduced by the state legislatures and seek guidance from local society leadership as we consider engagement in your state. As high priority issues arise, we will work hand-in-hand with local societies to shape policy through a comprehensive grassroots strategy and through testimony, comment letters and any other necessary active advocacy support.

Through this new program, ASPS will also facilitate and maintain communication between local societies. Often times many of our state societies are faced with similar legislative issues that are trending across the country. ASPS will create opportunities for local society staff and leadership from all 50 states to meet together and discuss what approaches have and have not worked for specific legislative issues in their respective states. This will allow for local societies to work together and share strategies on how to overcome obstacles and promote legislation that positively impacts plastic surgeons and your patients. All of these new opportunities will allow ASPS to better support our state, regional and local societies as they engage in local advocacy and policy building.

In 2016, ASPS will introduce new opportunities through this new state engagement initiative. Talk to your society staff and leadership about ways in which your local society can take advantage of this new program. Contact for more information.