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Mastectomy Coverage Bills Trending

In both Maine and Massachusetts, ASPS has seen legislation that would mandate certain coverage for breast cancer patients.

In Maine, L.D. 359 provides that individual and group health insurance policies must ensure that inpatient coverage with respect to breast cancer treatment is provided for a hospital stay of no less than 48 hours following a mastectomy or lumpectomy and no less than 24 hours following a lymph node dissection. The bill, introduced by State Representative Thomas R. W. Longstaff, currently sits in the Committee on Insurance and Financial Services where it awaits a hearing. Under current law, the minimum duration of inpatient coverage is not defined.

In Massachusetts, HB 879 would also mandate coverage for a minimum of 48 hours inpatient care and mandate that any policy or insurance delivered, issued, or renewed in the Commonwealth shall provide coverage for the cost of mastectomy. Introduced by State Representative Louis L. Kafka, the measure currently awaits a hearing in the Joint Committee on Financial Services.

ASPS saw similar legislation introduced in Pennsylvania last year, however that measure ultimately failed after not meeting legislative deadlines before adjournment. ASPS will continue to monitor legislation that pertains to breast cancer and will continue to advocate for legislation that educates women on their reconstruction options after undergoing mastectomy or lumpectomy.