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Oregon House Health Care Committee Passes Dangerous Esthetician Scope Expansion Bill

In Oregon, the House Health Care Committee recently voted to pass an amended version of a bill, HB 2642, that would increase esthetician scope of practice. ASPS assisted in amending the measure to place stronger restrictions on the types of procedures that estheticians can perform with lasers.

Additionally, language regarding the Board of Certified Laser Estheticians that this bill would create was amended to include physician representation on the board.

ASPS submitted written testimony to the Health Care Committee stating that there are serious concerns with the differences in education and training between a physician and an esthetician. ASPS also wrote that the creation of an independent board would grant estheticians the authority to change their scope without the necessary oversight from the Board of Medicine.

ASPS will maintain opposition to the bill, which was introduced by Oregon House Majority Leader Val Hoyle, who has considerable say in what pieces of legislation move forward, and will continue to work with the Northwest Society of Plastic Surgeons, Oregon Society of Plastic Surgeons, other specialty societies and the Oregon Medical Association to ensure that plastic surgery's interests are heard.

The bill awaits a hearing before the Joint Committee on Ways and Means before it is heard on the House Floor.