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Plastic Surgery's Strong Voice in AMA HOD

The American Medical Association (AMA) House of Delegates (HOD) holds two annual meetings – one in June and one in November – during which policy is made on an array of issues. The November meeting, known as the interim meeting, focuses mainly on advocacy and policy issues that are meant to shape organizational advocacy efforts when dealing with Congress, federal administrative agencies, state legislatures and state regulatory agencies.

Plastic surgery is one of the best-represented specialties at HOD meetings, with 29 plastic surgeons from 18 states who attend either on behalf of ASPS, other national organizations, or state associations. In forming the Plastic Surgery Caucus, these plastic surgeons work with other delegations to review, amend and eventually support or oppose resolutions or reports that then create official AMA policy.

At the Nov. 15-19 meeting, there were over 100 resolutions and reports that were considered. Several of the highlights amongst those were: covering the cost of residents' malpractice insurance for untimely teaching hospital closures; including ERISA plan data in claims databases; dispensing free sunscreen in sunny spots; training physicians in healthcare economics; and banning vaping products. A more in-depth look at these measures will be in the upcoming edition of Plastic Surgery News.

If you have any questions about the AMA HOD and/or would like to learn more about becoming involved with the AMA HOD, please contact Catherine French, Director of Health and Payment Policy, at or (847) 981-5401.