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PLASTYPAC | I'm hearing a lot about PlastyPAC, but what is it?

PlastyPAC is the Society's political action committee, which means that it's the vehicle ASPS uses to meet with members of Congress and speak with them about the holistic impact of policy. Members of Congress need to hear from plastic surgeons about how the legislation they pass impacts you and your patients, and PlastyPAC is the Society's vehicle for providing these first-hand accounts on what is happening in your practice, operating rooms and community. Simply put, the PAC provides plastic surgeons with the opportunity to tell their story.

The PAC allows plastic surgeons to collectively provide financial support and help elect members of Congress who promote policies that improve the lives of physicians and patients. PlastyPAC only supports politicians who work to improve health care, patient care and the future of plastic surgery – and 100 percent of your personal contribution to PlastyPAC directly supports candidates who work to further ASPS's public policy issues. Every dollar raised is seen by members of Congress as further evidence that ASPS has the support of a strong network of like-minded physicians. Every dollar will better position the specialty's success in advocating on issues that will affect your practice and your patients.

A strong PAC allows plastic surgery to impact change in Washington, D.C. that will positively affect you and your patients. Without the PAC, plastic surgery's perspective is drowned out by all the other special interest groups on Capitol Hill. Show your support for the specialty and make your 2017 contribution today!

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