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ASPS Discussions Community Guidelines

ASPS has created this discussion board as a resource for members to discuss topics of interest to plastic surgeons in a cordial and professional manner. The following content is prohibited and will be removed:

  1. Posts containing false or misleading information.
  2. Harassment, including discrimination, hate speech or personal attacks.
  3. Threats to harm others or act maliciously.
  4. Promotion of products or service in which the member has a stake.
  5. Copyright or intellectual property violations.

Members are encouraged to click “Report Post” in reference to violations of these guidelines. Such posts will be evaluated by ASPS staff and/or leadership based on the aforementioned criteria. Posts that violate the criteria listed above will be removed. Please note that reporting a post does not guarantee it will be removed.

Thank you for participating in the ASPS Discussion Board.

Guidelines subject to change.