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LIMITLESS Leaders Podcast

We will provide real life stories of the women in our field who are tackling gender related hurdles, large and small. The stories and topics covered will be as diverse as this group of women is.


Susan E. MacLennan, MD
Anuja Antony, MD, MPH, FACS
Ashley N. Amalfi, MD


Season 1

Episode 1: Growing a Family and a Plastic Surgery Career
o Special guest host Dr. Susan MacLennan is joined by Drs. Abby Chaffin, Carey Campbell and Summer Black to discuss how they balance growing their careers and families at the same time.

Episode 2: Family Without Children – Balancing a Relationship and Career
Dr. Anu Bajaj joins special guest host Dr. Ashley Amalfi to discuss balancing a relationship and a career.

Episode 3: Not All Families Look Alike
Special guest host Dr. Anu Antony speaks with Drs. Lisa Hunsicker, Melinda Haws and, Deborah White about their experiences navigating life as single parents and an LGBTQ+ family.

Episode 4: Perspectives on Addiction - Health, Healing and the Gift of Sobriety
Special guest host Dr. Ashley Amalfi speaks with Drs. Sarah Troxel, Lisa Sowder and Anu Bajaj about their experiences and perspectives on addiction, healing and sobriety.

Episode 5: Hobbies and Passions
Special guest host Dr. Marissa Tenenbaum speaks with Drs. Lisa Hunsicker and Nicole Sommer about their hobbies and how they make it work while being a plastic surgeon.