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2019 Program

7:00 AM


8:00 AM

NYRSPS 2019 Annual Business Meeting

8:15 AM

#BreastReduction Revisited

Breast reductions are the "bread and butter" of plastic surgery, but how do the experts perform the operation? Panelists will discuss their experience with traditional approaches to breast reduction, as well as new techniques.

8:15 AM
Breast Reduction: Current Concepts and Practice
  • David Hidalgo, MD
8:30 AM
Pulling Back the Curtain on the Circumvertical Reduction and the Renaissance of the Wise Pattern
  • Steven Teitelbaum, MD
8:45 AM
Breast Reduction: A Deep Dive into Lower Pole Support and Upper Pole Success
  • M. Bradley Calobrace, MD
9:00 AM
Discussion and Q / A

9:15 AM

New Directions in #PainManagement

Postoperative pain management is now a rapidly changing component of plastic surgery. With the opioid abuse now a nationwide epidemic, alternatives to pain control are paramount. Panelists will discuss their experience with new and alternative pain modalities both inside and outside the operating room.

9:15 AM
Eliminating Postoperative Narcotics in outpatient Plastic Surgery
9:22 AM
New Modalities and Control from an Anesthesiologist Perspective
  • Eric Nielsen, MD
9:29 AM
Regional Blocks in Breast and Body
9:36 AM
Discussion and Q / A

9:45 AM

AM Break/Exhibits

10:45 AM

Dueling Perspectives in #TexturedImplants, #BreastImplantIllness, and #GlutealFatGrafting

Point/counterpoint debate on the controversial trending topics impacting the Plastic Surgery Specialty today

10:45 AM
#TexturedImplants: Where Do We Go Now?
10:55 AM
Discusson and Q / A
11:20 AM
#BreastImplantIllness (BII): Reality or Not?
11:30 AM
Discussion and Q / A
11:55 AM
#GlutealFatGrafting: Status Quo or Status No?
12:05 PM
Discussion and Q&A

12:30 PM


1:30 PM

ASPS and ASAPS Update

1:30 PM
#ASPS Update
1:40 PM
#ASAPS Update

1:50 PM

#NYSS Update

2:00 PM

#MastersSeries Lecture: Social Media and the Future of Plastic Surgery – Don’t Blink!

2:20 PM

#NailedIt! VS #FailedIt!

2:20 PM
Aesthetic Breast Surgery: The Tried and True
2:35 PM
Let's Face it: My Experience with Facelift Surgery
2:50 PM
Management of the Platysma in Neck Lift
3:05 PM
Controlling Nasal Length: The Myth of Closed Rhinoplasty
3:20 PM
Discussion and Q / A

3:35 PM

PM Break/Exhibits

4:35 PM

#FacialRejuvenation Techniques

Panelists will discuss their approaches to a variety of aspects of facial rejuvenation.

4:35 PM
Neck Lift: Defining Anatomical Problems and Applying Logical Surgical Solutions
4:50 PM
Lateral Temporal Brow Lift
5:05 PM
Redraping the Skin: The Under Appreciated Maneuver in Facelifting
5:20 PM
Blending the Lid Cheek Junction
5:35 PM
Discussion and Q / A

5:50 PM

Closing Remarks

5:50 PM
Keith Blechman, MD

6:00 PM


Program subject to change