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Enhance Your Practice Podcast

The ASPS Enhance Your Practice Podcast series serves as an educational appetizer for plastic surgeons and office professionals looking for practice management information on-the-go. It covers next steps early in a career, financial planning, staffing, med spas, starting a private practice and much more. New seasons will launch every eight weeks or so, Netflix-style, with multiple episodes released at once. Podcast guest speakers are plastic surgeons, office professionals and industry experts. Note: These podcasts are not for Continuing Medical Education (CME) credits.

Current Season

Season 7: Staff

Staffing is one of the biggest challenges surgeons face in setting up their practice. How do you know what staff you need and whether they'll be a good fit? Once you have the right people hired, how do you train them on what they need to know? Staff retention and turnover can cost a fortune- how can it be avoided. This season covers all of the ins-and-outs of staffing. Also available: An interactive course with free resources such as training checklists and sample job descriptions.

Episode 34: What Staff Do You Need?
Guest Speaker: JoAnne Dennison

Episode 35: How to Choose the Right Staff?
Guest Speakers: Dr. Dan Ness and Ashley Bolton

Episode 36: Retaining Staff
Guest Speaker: Sandy Roos

Episode 37: Working with Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants
Guest Speaker: Dr. Carmen Kavali

Past Seasons

Season 1: Next Steps

  • Episode 1: What Kind of Practices Are There and What Should I Be Doing?
  • Episode 2: Do I Become an Employee or My Own Boss? Picking the Right Group, Institution, or Private Practice To Join
  • Episode 3: Top 10 Things to Consider With an Employment Contract
  • Episode 4: How Can I Find a Mentor?

Season 2: Med Spas

  • Episode 5: Why I Opened a Med Spa and Why You Should Consider Adding One to Your Practice
  • Episode 6: Opening Multiple Med Spas
  • Episode 7: Marketing Your Med Spa
  • Episode 8: Male Aesthetics in Your Practice

Season 3: Work/Life Balance

  • Episode 9: Raising a Successful Family
  • Episode 10: Finding Balance: Fatherhood and Plastic Surgery
  • Episode 11: Balancing Motherhood and Residency
  • Episode 12: Ergonomics
  • Episode 13: Relationships In and Out of the Office
  • Episode 14: Practical Tips During the COVID-19 Crisis
  • Episode 15: Physician Wellness During the COVID-19 Crisis
  • Special Edition: Crisis Management: Balancing Plastic Surgery and Being a Working Mom

Season 4: Let's Talk About Money

  • Episode 16: How Do I deal With My Debt?
  • Episode 17: Protecting Your Assets
  • Episode 18: Choosing the Right Financial Planner
  • Episode 19: Ensuring You're Insured

Season 5: Pros and Pitfalls of Starting Your Own Practice

  • Episode 20: Things You Should Know About Starting Your Own Practice... But Probably Don't
  • Episode 21: Designing Your Private Practice
  • Episode 22: Cybersecurity in Your Private Practice
  • Episode 23: Patient Flow
  • Episode 24: Your Telehealth Questions, Answered
  • Episode 25: Monitoring Your Practice
  • Episode 26: Group Practice: Being a Good Partner

Season 6: Diversity and Inclusion

  • Episode 27: How to Be an Ally – Personally and Professionally
  • Episode 28: Gender Identity – Caring for Transgender and Gender Diverse Persons
  • Episode 29: LGBTQ Issues in Plastic Surgery
  • Episode 30: Empowerment – Gender Diversity
  • Episode 31: Dealing with Discrimination
  • Episode 32: Why Diversity Matters
  • Episode 33: Diversity and Inclusion in Corporate Culture: Conversation with Allergan