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Enhance Your Practice Podcast

The ASPS Enhance Your Practice Podcast series serves as an educational appetizer for plastic surgeons and office professionals looking for practice management information on-the-go. It covers next steps early in a career, financial planning, staffing, med spas, starting a private practice and much more. The first season launches January 17 and new ones will begin every six weeks or so after that, Netflix-style. Podcast guest speakers are plastic surgeons, office professionals and industry experts. Note: These podcasts are not for Continuing Medical Education (CME) credits.

Current Season

Work/Life Balance

Burnout is a tremendous challenge facing surgeons today, especially those new to the field. Hear from your colleagues on dealing with work/life balance, building resilience and relationships. Women and surgeons of color face unique challenges in this field. Listen to their stories of breaking into a field that didn't always feel welcoming. Special edition episodes have been added discussing how to maintain wellness during the COVID-19 crisis.

Episode 9: Raising a Successful Family
Guest Speakers: Dr. Heather Furnas and Dr. Paul Cederna

Episode 10: Finding Balance: Fatherhood and Plastic Surgery
Special Guest Host: Dr. Kavitha Ranganathan
Guest Speakers: Dr. Christian Vercler and Dr. Joseph Lopez

Episode 11: Balancing Motherhood and Residency
Guest Speakers: Dr. Lily Mundy and Dr. Kavitha Ranganathan

Episode 12: Ergonomics
Guest Speakers: Dr. Scott Hollenbeck and Dr. Douglas Steinbrech

Episode 13: Relationships In and Out of the Office
Guest Speakers: Dr. Michael Bentz

Episode 14: Practical Tips During the COVID-19 Crisis
Guest Speakers: Dr. Vu T Nguyen and Dr. Francesco Egro

Episode 15: Physician Wellness During the COVID-19 Crisis
Guest Speakers: Dr. Richard Korentager and Dr. Jeffrey Janis

Past Seasons

Season One: Next Steps

  • Episode 1: What Kind of Practices Are There and What Should I Be Doing?
  • Episode 2: Do I Become an Employee or My Own Boss? Picking the Right Group, Institution, or Private Practice To Join
  • Episode 3: Top 10 Things to Consider With an Employment Contract
  • Episode 4: How Can I Find a Mentor?

Season Two: Med Spas

  • Episode 5: Why I Opened a Med Spa and Why You Should Consider Adding One to Your Practice
  • Episode 6: Opening Multiple Med Spas
  • Episode 7: Marketing Your Med Spa
  • Episode 8: Male Aesthetics in Your Practice