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Enhance Your Practice Podcast

The ASPS Enhance Your Practice Podcast series serves as an educational appetizer for plastic surgeons and office professionals looking for practice management information on-the-go. It covers next steps early in a career, financial planning, staffing, med spas, starting a private practice and much more. New seasons will launch every eight weeks or so, Netflix-style, with multiple episodes released at once. Podcast guest speakers are plastic surgeons, office professionals and industry experts. Note: These podcasts are not for Continuing Medical Education (CME) credits.

Current Season

Season 15: Planning for the Future

This season focuses on planning for the future as a plastic surgeon. Dr. Yoon-Schwartz offers expert insights and practical advice to help practitioners safeguard their assets and navigate the evolving medical landscape. Tune in for invaluable tips and strategies tailored to the unique needs of plastic surgery professionals.

Episode 67: Estate Planning and Asset Protection
Host: Diana Yoon-Schwartz, MD
Guest: Greg Pond

Past Seasons

Season 1: Next Steps

  • Episode 1: What Kind of Practices Are There and What Should I Be Doing?
  • Episode 2: Do I Become an Employee or My Own Boss? Picking the Right Group, Institution, or Private Practice To Join
  • Episode 3: Top 10 Things to Consider With an Employment Contract
  • Episode 4: How Can I Find a Mentor?

Season 2: Med Spas

  • Episode 5: Why I Opened a Med Spa and Why You Should Consider Adding One to Your Practice
  • Episode 6: Opening Multiple Med Spas
  • Episode 7: Marketing Your Med Spa
  • Episode 8: Male Aesthetics in Your Practice

Season 3: Work/Life Balance

  • Episode 9: Raising a Successful Family
  • Episode 10: Finding Balance: Fatherhood and Plastic Surgery
  • Episode 11: Balancing Motherhood and Residency
  • Episode 12: Ergonomics
  • Episode 13: Relationships In and Out of the Office
  • Episode 14: Practical Tips During the COVID-19 Crisis
  • Episode 15: Physician Wellness During the COVID-19 Crisis
  • Special Edition: Crisis Management: Balancing Plastic Surgery and Being a Working Mom

Season 4: Let's Talk About Money

  • Episode 16: How Do I deal With My Debt?
  • Episode 17: Protecting Your Assets
  • Episode 18: Choosing the Right Financial Planner
  • Episode 19: Ensuring You're Insured

Season 5: Pros and Pitfalls of Starting Your Own Practice

  • Episode 20: Things You Should Know About Starting Your Own Practice... But Probably Don't
  • Episode 21: Designing Your Private Practice
  • Episode 22: Cybersecurity in Your Private Practice
  • Episode 23: Patient Flow
  • Episode 24: Your Telehealth Questions, Answered
  • Episode 25: Monitoring Your Practice
  • Episode 26: Group Practice: Being a Good Partner

Season 6: Diversity and Inclusion

  • Episode 27: How to Be an Ally – Personally and Professionally
  • Episode 28: Gender Identity – Caring for Transgender and Gender Diverse Persons
  • Episode 29: LGBTQ Issues in Plastic Surgery
  • Episode 30: Empowerment – Gender Diversity
  • Episode 31: Dealing with Discrimination
  • Episode 32: Why Diversity Matters
  • Episode 33: Diversity and Inclusion in Corporate Culture: Conversation with Allergan

Season 7: Staff

  • Episode 34: What Staff Do You Need?
  • Episode 35: How to Choose the Right Staff?
  • Episode 36: Retaining Staff
  • Episode 37: Working with Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants

Season 8: Investing in Your Practice and You

  • Episode 38: How I Financed My Private Practice Without a Loan
  • Episode 39: Real Estate: Choosing the Right Investment
  • Episode 40: Measuring the ROI of New Technologies in Your Office
  • Episode 41: The Journey to Financial Wellbeing

Season 9: Leadership Conversations

  • Episode 42: Building and Leading a Team
  • Episode 43: Investment Strategies: Growing Financial and Human Capital
  • Episode 44: Her Personal Journey and Dealing with Adversity
  • Episode 45: Leading Your Team to Victory

Season 10: Building Your Digital Presence

  • Episode 46: Management of Online Reviews
  • Episode 47: How to Evolve Your Marketing for 2021
  • Episode 48: Ethics in Social Media
  • Episode 49: Digital Presence Optimization

Season 11: Leadership Part 2

  • Episode 50: Leadership with a Little L
  • Episode 51: Honesty in Leadership: Relationships of Trust
  • Episode 52: The Path to Your True Calling
  • Episode 53: Leading with Grit and Perseverance

Season 12: Patient Management

  • Episode 54: Recognizing the Signs of Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) in Plastic Surgery Patients
  • Episode 55: Dealing with Insurance
  • Episode 56: Training Staff on How to Talk to Patients
  • Episode 57: How to Get Patients in the Door... And Keep Them Coming Back

Season 13: Finance 102

  • Episode 58: How to Prepare for a Slowing Economy
  • Episode 59: A Primer on Markets: Stocks and Bonds
  • Episode 60: Financial Mistakes
  • Episode 61: Charitability Giving
  • Episode 61: Private Equity

Season 14: Law in Plastic Surgery

  • Episode 63: Plastic Surgery and Attorneys
  • Episode 64: Employment Contracts
  • Episode 65: Medical Malpractice and Expert Witnesses
  • Episode 66: Understanding the Legal Risks in Plastic Surgery