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ASPS Qualified Clinical Data Registry (QCDR)

What is ASPS-QCDR?

The American Society of Plastic Surgeon's Qualified Clinical Data Registry (ASPS-QCDR) is a registry that:

  • Allows the completion, collection, and submission of Physician Quality Reporting System (PQRS) quality measures and non-PQRS measures including breast reconstruction and wound care measures for members and non-members
  • Is a CMS-approved entity that collects medical and/or clinical data for the purpose of submitting quality performance to CMS to meet quality requirements
  • Provides national and peer benchmark information to allow clinicians to evaluate the quality of their care compared to other physicians and to develop quality improvement plans to correct gaps in care

ASPS-QCDR is a CMS approved quality registry to satisfy CMS physician quality reporting requirements for 2016.

There are two pathways to participate in the ASPS-QCDR:

  • Participate in the TOPS Registry (free to members) and your data will trigger specific measures within the ASPS-QCDR module
  • Participate in the ASPS-QCDR module only (free to members in 2016) to fulfill reporting requirements for PQRS

Register now on the Plastic Surgery Registries Network (PSRN) or enter data using the PSRN Dashboard.

ASPS-QCDR allows for data collection on the following quality measures: 24 selected PQRS measures & 6 non-PQRS measures only included in the ASPS-QCDR for reporting:

  • ASPS 1: Use of wound surface culture technique in patients with chronic skin ulcers (overuse measure)
  • ASPS 2: Use of wet to dry dressings in patients with chronic skin ulcers (overuse measure)
  • ASPS 3: Use of compression system in patients with venous ulcers
  • ASPS 4: Offloading (pressure relief) of diabetic foot ulcer
  • ASPS 5: Breast Reconstruction: Return to OR
  • ASPS 6: Breast Reconstruction: Flap Loss

Non-PQRS Measure Specifications