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ASPS Member Survey Research Services

ASPS Member Survey Collaborations

All ASPS members, candidates for ASPS membership, and non-members of ASPS may submit requests to survey the ASPS membership at any time during the calendar year. Applications are reviewed and scored by the Director of Research and Scientific Affairs, Board Vice President of Research and Board Vice President of Health Policy once per quarter.

Criteria for Survey Selection

Not all surveys submissions will be selected for distribution to the ASPS membership. ASPS has the right to decline a survey request that does not meet established criteria and/or is determined not to be a topic of interest to the ASPS membership.

All surveys will be scored and ranked, with two or three approved for deployment each quarter, with a maximum of 10 surveys each year. As part of the review process, the following criteria will be considered:

  1. Relevance of the survey topic/subject matter to the membership
  2. Quality of the survey questionnaire
  3. Length of the survey (number of questions or minutes to complete)
  4. Strength of survey and potential for publication in an ASPS journal.
  5. In an instance where duplicate survey topics or areas are submitted, the survey with the highest score will be selected, or collaboration between the submitters would be encouraged.

ASPS reserves the right to edit and modify the survey prior to distribution. (Ex. ASPS will use its standard demographic questions. Questions related to gender and/or sexual identity will not be included unless materially relevant to the research topic. ASPS reviewers may delete or restate questions.)

There will be a limit of no more than three surveys that will be distributed on the same topic area to reduce survey fatigue. (Ex. ASPS receives a considerable volume of breast reconstruction surveys. We will distribute, at most, three in a calendar year.)

Survey Application Process

We are not currently accepting applications for any new surveys at this time. We anticipate opening up surveys for application in Summer 2024, with the earliest planned deployment for October 2024.

Survey requestors will complete the ASPS Survey Application Form and submit a copy of their survey. The Survey Application Form must be specific and clearly state the rationale for the request and its potential uses. All survey requests need to be submitted via the appropriate application form. No surveys will be considered via email.

If a survey is selected for quarterly distribution:

  • ASPS staff will work with the requestor to finalize the survey, negotiate the Data Use and Collaboration Agreement, and invoice the requestor. Payments must be made prior to initial survey deployment.
  • Accepted surveys will be deployed a maximum of 4 times to a random cohort of approximately 2,500 active ASPS members.
  • Characteristics of the cohort are reviewed to ensure it is representative of the entire ASPS active membership.
  • ASPS staff will collate the data and prepare a summary of results for the requestor. Raw data is only shared with physician requestors, and not Industry.
  • Requestors should expect at least three months from submission to survey results.
  • For non-ASPS members, an ASPS sponsor is required with your application.

If a survey is not selected for the quarterly distribution:

  • And scored well, it could be considered at a future review cycle.
  • And did not score well, ASPS staff will contact the requestor with feedback from the reviewers.

Blackout Period

A maximum of 10 surveys are distributed each year (one monthly from February through November). No surveys will have an initial distribution during December or January to remove competition with other major ASPS research initiatives (ASPS Procedural Statistics).

Survey Charges/Fees

ASPS charges a one-time fee of $2,500 for all selected survey collaborations. Payments must be made prior to initial survey deployment.

Non-members of ASPS are subject to additional charges. If you are not a member of the ASPS, please contact the ASPS Research & Scientific Affairs Department at for a fee schedule.

For more information, please contact the ASPS Research & Scientific Affairs Department at