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ASPS Member Survey Research Services

ASPS Member Survey Collaborations

All ASPS members, candidates for ASPS membership, and non-members of ASPS may submit requests to survey the ASPS membership at any time during the calendar year. All survey submissions will be objectively reviewed by ASPS leadership to determine suitability. Not all survey requests will be selected for distribution to the membership. Survey requests will be reviewed three times per year - in April, July, and October.

Criteria for Survey Selection

Not all surveys/research submissions may be selected for distribution to the ASPS membership. ASPS has the right to decline a survey request that does not meet established criteria and/or is determined not to be a topic of interest to the ASPS membership. All survey submissions are reviewed and scored based on a standard peer review process. As part of the review process, the following criteria will be considered:

  1. The survey's subject matter
  2. Quality of questions and length of the survey
  3. The potential for future publication in an ASPS journal

Survey Application Process

Those interested in collaborating with ASPS will submit a completed ASPS Survey Application Form and a copy of the survey. The Survey Application Form must be specific and detailed and clearly state the rationale for the request and its potential uses.

If a survey is selected for distribution, ASPS will execute a Data Use and Collaboration Agreement that outlines the terms for the survey collaboration. The DUCA must be executed prior to distribution of the survey.

Survey Distribution

Should you be selected by ASPS for collaboration, the survey will be scheduled for multiple distributions to a random cohort of approximately 2,500 active ASPS members. Characteristics of the cohort are reviewed to ensure it is representative of the entire ASPS active membership. The date for distribution of the survey will be dependent upon the order that the survey was received and approved by ASPS. A limited number of survey slots are available each year.

Blackout Period

Due to other major ASPS research initiatives, no surveys will be distributed to the membership from November 1 - January 15.

Survey Charges/Fees

ASPS charges a one-time fee of $2,000 for all selected survey collaborations. Non-members of ASPS are subject to additional charges. If you are not a member of the ASPS, please contact the ASPS Research & Scientific Affairs department at for a fee schedule.


For more information, contact:
Christopher Simmons at 847-981-5419 or email