ASPS Honorary Citation

Established in 1945, the ASPS Honorary Citation Award is presented to a senior ASPS member in recognition of their contributions to the specialty through clinical contributions, humanitarian actions enhancing the specialty or demonstrated leadership within plastic surgery.


2015: Scot L. Spear, MD, FACS
2014: William Magee Jr., DDS, MD
2013: Paul N. Manson, MD
2012: James H. Wells, MD
2011: Melvin Spira, MD
2010: Henry Kawamoto, MD, DDS


2009: Daniel Marchac, MD
2008: Walter L. Erhardt, Jr., MD
2007: Elvin G. Zook, MD
2006: Glenn W. Jelks, MD
2005: Ian T. Jackson, MD
2004: James M. Stuzin, MD
2003: William B. Riley, Jr., MD
2002: C. Lin Puckett, MD
2001: Paul L. Schnur, MD
2000: Edward A. Luce, MD


1999: Ronald E. Iverson, MD
1998: James G. Hoehn, MD
1997: H. Bruce Williams, MD
1996: Gregory J. Ganske, MD
1995: Ronald B. Berggren, MD
1994: Mary H. McGrath, MD
1993: Michael L. Lewin, MD
1992: Joseph E. Murray, MD*
1991: Carl R. Hartrampf, Jr., MD
1990: John B. Lynch, MD


1989: Robert M. Goldwyn, MD*
1988: D. Ralph Millard, Jr., MD*
1987: William Milton Adams, MD*
1986: Verner V. Lindgren, MD*
1985: Harry J. Buncke, MD*
1984: William G. Hamm, MD*
1983: Wallace H. Steffenson, MD*
1982: Rex A. Peterson, MD
1981: Kenneth Pickrell, MD*
1980: Ross H. Musgrave, MD


1979: Paul R. Pickering, MD*
1978: John M. Converse, MD*
1977: Tord Skoog, MD*
1976: Reed O. Dingman, MD*
1975: Thomas D. Cronin, MD*
1973: Arthur J. Barsky, MD*
1971: Lyndon A. Peer, MD*


1968: Louis T. Byars, MD*
1965: Clarence R. Straatsma, MD*
1963: Truman G. Blocker, Jr., MD*
1962: James T. Mills, MD*
1961: Gustave Aufricht, MD*
1960: Sir Harold Gillies*


1959: William S. Kiskadden, MD*
1958: Jerome P. Webster, MD*
1957: Sterling Bunnell, MD*
1956: Robert H. Ivy, MD*
1955: A. B. LeMesurier, MD*
1954: Jacques W. Maliniac, MD*
1953: George W. Pierce, MD*
1952: Gordon B. New, MD*
1951: Varaztad H. Kazanjian, MD*


1949: Ferris Smith, MD*
1948: Vilray P. Blair, MD*

*Indicates member is deceased