ASPS President's Award

The ASPS President's Award is given at the discretion of the ASPS president and may be given jointly with The PSF president. The award recognizes contributions to ASPS or the specialty related to specific Society or Foundation programs.


2015: Calvin R. Peters, MD
2014: Brig. Gen. W. Bryan Gamble, MD
2013: Richard A. D'Amico, MD
2013: J. Peter Rubin, MD
2012: Lester Silver, MD, MS
2012: Dicran Goulian, MD
2011: Jack G. Bruner, MD
2011: R. Bruce Shack, MD
2010: Hale Tolleth, MD
2010: Harvey A. Zarem, MD
2010: Rod J. Rohrich, MD


2009: John M. Hiebert, MD
2009: Norman M. Cole, MD
2009: Garry S. Brody, MD
2009: Donald H. Lalonde, MD
2008: Foad Nahai, MD
2008: Michael F. McGuire, MD
2008: Scot B. Glasberg, MD
2007: Julian J. Pribaz, MD
2006: James H. Wells, MD
2006: Peter T. Hetzler, MD
2005: D. Ralph Millard, MD*
2005: G. Patrick Maxwell, MD
2005: Foad Nahai, MD
2005: Christopher Attinger, MD
2005: Bernard S. Alpert, MD

*Indicates member is deceased