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Alert: Beware of HIPAA Violation Scam

ASPS members have recently reported receiving documents via mail and email that say all plastic surgeons must complete HIPAA and OSHA trainings by the end of the month, with a failure to comply resulting significant fines for each violation. Companies that specialize in HIPAA trainings are targeting plastic surgeons in an effort to extort money and secure service contracts by encouraging members to avoid "being reported" for HIPAA violations. Do not fall for this, it's a scam!

The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), the Office of the Civil Rights (OCR) and the Department of Justice, do not track offices' training records. Therefore, if a violation has not occurred, they will not ask about your practice's compliance records. However, ASPS recommends that practices conduct legitimate HIPAA trainings annually, or upon hiring new employees, and document these trainings as part of compliance. Also, as HIPAA audits become more frequent, ASPS recommends that practices are proactive and stay compliant with the law by conducting risk analysis, creating written policies and training office staff.

Some states require specific coursework for licensure requirements. Therefore, ASPS recommends that members request a copy of the specific regulation whenever a supply company, course provider, insurance company or other vendor suggests that there is a "regulatory requirement."

For additional questions about OSHA or HIPAA regulations, please contact ASPS staff Marta Zielinski at (847) 228-3322.