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Drs. Gregory Greco and Gregory Swank Inducted to PlastyPAC Founders Circle

The PlastyPAC Founders Circle recognizes the generous lifetime giving of ASPS members to further advance the specialty's advocacy efforts in Washington, DC. The PlastyPAC Board of Governors is honored to recognize Gregory Greco, DO, FACS and Gregory Swank, MD, FACS into the Founders Circle. Since the founding of the PAC in 1990, only four members have been inducted into this prestigious group.

Induction into the Founder's Circle demonstrates a commitment to support, educate and influence federal candidates who support the Society's public policy goals. PlastyPAC Founder's Circle members have directly contributed $25,000 to PlastyPAC since the founding of the PAC in 1990.

Gregory Greco, DO, FACS is in private practice in Red Bank, New Jersey and Manhattan. He has been contributing to the PAC since 2007. Dr. Greco currently serves as the Board Vice President of Health Policy & Advocacy and is a past president of the New Jersey Society of Plastic Surgeons.

"Donating to PlastyPAC gives every surgeon a voice. It does not matter if you are a private practitioner or employed faculty physician, I always felt that PlastyPAC represented the interests of plastic surgery and its members regardless of party affiliation."

- Gregory Greco, DO, FACS

Gregory Swank, MD, FACS of Hickory, North Carolina is the current Federal Vice Chair of the Legislative Advocacy Committee and a past Board member of the PlastyPAC Board of Governors. He has been a PAC contributor since 2002.

I made my first contribution to PlastyPAC as an 'obligation' to our Society. Since involving myself in advocacy, I have witnessed, first hand, what an impact PlastyPAC makes as we engage our elected officials on Capitol Hill. As such, I have steadily increased my contributions over the years. Organized plastic surgery maintains a strong presence in Washington and continues to foster important relationships while advocating for our peers and patients, all thanks to the efforts of the PlastyPAC and your contributions.

- Gregory Swank, MD, FACS

Drs. Greco and Swank will be formally inducted to the Founders Circle during Plastic Surgery The Meeting 2019 in San Diego.

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