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Election to the Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee is responsible for vetting candidates for leadership positions (officers and directors of the Society and Foundation Boards of Directors, as well as applicable standing committees) and nominating the slate for election by Society members. This is a tremendous responsibility and typically involves six to eight committee meetings and interview sessions between November and May.

Regional Representative Election and Timeline

The process to elect Regional Representatives to the 2022 Nominating Committee begins with soliciting qualified Active members to apply for the Regional Representative positions, generally in May.

To ensure geographic diversity, membership has been apportioned among five regions so that each region represents approximately 20% of total Active and Life Active membership.

All eligible Nominating Committee Regional Representative applicants shall be placed on the ballot according to their geographic region to be voted on by all Active and Life Active members of the Society, regardless of region. The election of the five representatives usually begins in July.

The individual receiving the most votes from each region shall represent that region on the Nominating Committee. Each region's next two highest vote-getters shall be Alternates 1 and 2 for that region. The Alternates may be asked to step in if the elected representative is not able to complete his/her term.


To be placed on the ballot, applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • Active Society member in good standing for a minimum of five (5) years.
  • Active in ASPS/PSF Committees, Councils, Task Forces and/or Work Groups for a minimum of three (3) years.
  • Cannot have been disciplined or currently under investigation by any state or provincial medical-licensing authority, any plastic surgery organization, any other healthcare organization, or any healthcare delivery facility.
  • Cannot have served on the Nominating Committee for the past two (2) terms; and if the candidate has served on the Nominating Committee twice before, cannot have served on the Nominating Committee for the past ten (10) terms.
  • Cannot have served on the Nominating Committee as a voting member for more than three (3) terms.
  • Must submit the Summary of Qualifications and Nominating Committee Attestation form (components of the application) prior to being placed on the ballot.

Sitting members of the ASPS/PSF Board of Directors, Trustees, Judicial Council members, and Ethics Committee members are not eligible to apply to serve as a Regional Representative to the Nominating Committee.

Diversity Goals

ASPS and The PSF value racial, ethnic, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, and age diversity, as well as diversity in perspective, thought and personality.

Both in the selection of members to the Nominating Committee, and in the selection of candidates for leadership positions by the Nominating Committee, we will strive to select individuals who reflect the diversity of the general membership. Diversity, including diversity of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, practice type, geography, and experience level, is actively sought and encouraged.

Nominating Committee Meeting Dates

The Nominating Committee typically meets on a face-to-face basis in mid-December in conjunction with the Executive Committee meeting and in mid-March in conjunction with the Spring Meeting. In addition, there are evening videoconferences in November and February and Saturday or Sunday videoconferences in April and May. Meeting dates for the 2022 term have not yet been finalized.

Lobbying Related to Nominating Committee Elections

Lobbying, for the purpose of soliciting votes for a particular candidate to serve on the Nominating Committee in order to further the chances of election of a candidate pursuing a leadership position, is not in accordance with the philosophy and values of ASPS and is not permitted and may result in disqualification of the Nominating Committee member and/or the candidate who applied for the position slated by the Nominating Committee. All candidates running for a Nominating Committee Regional Representative position complete the Summary of Qualifications document for the express purpose of presenting voting members with consistent information on each candidate in order to base their decision. No other communication is allowed.

Work of the Nominating Committee

The ASPS/PSF Nominating Committee consists of 12 or 13 members:

  • 5 Regional Representatives (all voting, elected by Society members)
  • 2 ASPS Representatives (all voting; elected by the ASPS Board)
  • 2 PSF Representatives (all voting; elected by the PSF Board)
  • 1 carry-over member (voting; selected by the Board, who shall continue to alternate between ASPS and PSF prior term co-chairs)
  • 2 immediate past presidents (non-voting; 1 ASPS and 1 PSF, who serve as co-chairs)
  • 1 PSF public member (optional - non-voting; selected by the PSF Board)

Positions Slated or Appointed by the Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee shall act as a search firm by vetting talent for open positions to be elected by Society members. Positions slated for election by Society members (follow the link to access the job description) are listed below:

In addition to the slated positions for election, the Nominating Committee selects the ASPS and PSF members-at-large for the ASPS/PSF Audit Committee each year and recommends nominees for ASPS or PSF representatives to outside organizations, such as ACS, ACCME, ACGME, etc.

What is the order in which the Nominating Committee slates the positions?

The Nominating Committee conducts its work in two phases.

In the first phase (Phase 1) the Nominating Committee shall interview current Board Vice Presidents who have applied for the ASPS President-Elect or PSF President-Elect positions and decide if any should be nominated (or slated) as the ASPS President-Elect or PSF President-Elect for the upcoming leadership term.

During Phase 1, the Nominating Committee shall also interview current Board Vice Presidents with expiring terms who have applied to be retained in their current positions to decide whether they should be nominated (or slated) in that position for the upcoming leadership term.

Once the decisions about the retention and advancement of current Board Vice Presidents have been made, the Nominating Committee will know which officer positions it will need to fill and will then proceed to the second phase (Phase 2).

During Phase 2, the Nominating Committee will publicize and accept applications for the open officer positions, as well as any other elected or appointed position under its purview.

Special Considerations for President-Elect Applicants

Applicants to the ASPS or PSF President-Elect position shall be limited to those who will have completed two (2) or more years of service as ASPS/PSF Board Vice Presidents immediately prior to their term as President-Elect. If the Nominating Committee finds that there are no suitable candidates that meet these criteria in any given year, it may consider (and may solicit) applications from individuals who have demonstrated exemplary service to the organization as Committee Chairs.

How do I get placed on the slate for one of the ASPS/PSF elected positions?

To encourage as broad a candidate pool as possible, a call for applications will be distributed via email to each Society member eligible to serve and each sister society's president and administrative liaison. The call for applications is generally distributed in January.

The Nominating Committee shall interview in person or by electronic means (i.e. video conference) the semifinalists for each elected position. Members who have served on ASPS or PSF committees, especially those who have served on committees related to the position's portfolio, shall be given greater consideration. Interviews for the open Board positions generally take place during the Spring Meeting. Video conference interviews for the remaining positions are generally in April and May.

Candidates must abide by the Candidate Conduct Policy to avoid disqualification.

How does the Nominating Committee vet the elected positions?

The Nominating Committee shall consider the critical elements outlined below in their decision-making process.

  • Attendance on Executive Committee, Board of Directors or committee calls and in-person meetings
  • Any remediation required during their time as a Society member
  • History of service to ASPS/PSF
    • Any significant or relevant history during their time as a Society member
    • Activity within ASPS/PSF
    • Assessment of contribution/leadership, in addition to attendance, and any noteworthy contributions to ASPS/PSF (task force participant/chair, etc.)
  • History of relevant service outside ASPS/PSF
    • Does the Ethics Committee or Judicial Council candidate have relevant experience elsewhere?
    • Does the Trustee candidate have sufficient experience as a former officer of ASPS or another major plastic surgery-related organization?
    • Does the Board Member-at-Large candidate have relevant experience working in large leadership organizations?
  • Letters of recommendation (two are required, the third is optional)
  • Foundation and PlastyPAC (if U.S. citizen) donation history
  • Quality of narrative (from the application)
  • Curriculum Vitae (provided as an attachment to the application)
  • Interview
  • Diversity of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, practice type, geography and experience level is actively encouraged, and Nominating Committee members shall strive to ensure diverse representation of Society members
  • Evaluation of the applicant's social media/website presence

Officer Evaluations

In addition to the critical elements noted above, candidates for consideration for an Officer position (i.e. President-Elect or Board Vice President candidates) shall be evaluated by Society members and staff with whom they have worked in an ASPS/PSF volunteer leadership capacity to include:

  • Executive Leadership Team
  • Fellow committee members, including those who may have served under them
  • Committee chairs under whom they have served
  • Executive Committee members
  • Staff Liaisons

Candidate Scorecards

Candidate Scorecards have been developed to aid Nominating Committee members with their decision-making by organizing the important elements to be considered when deciding the future leadership of the Society and Foundation. The goal is to make the process more consistent so that all candidates are judged on a broad range of merits demonstrating their suitability for leadership, without overly weighting the decision based on the interview alone. There are three versions – one for President-Elect candidates, one for the Board Vice President candidates and a third for candidates for all other positions. The three scorecards are attached as Appendices D, E and F to the Nominating Committee Standard Operating Procedures.

Meet the 2021 Nominating Committee

Society members elected the five Regional Representatives during July 2020 and the ASPS and PSF Boards of Directors elected two ASPS Representatives and two PSF Representatives at their October 2020 meeting. The PSF Board of Directors also designated the Carryover Member and appointed the PSF Public Member who does not have voting rights. The ASPS and PSF Immediate Past Presidents serve as co-chairs without voting rights.

The members listed below serve as the ASPS/PSF Nominating Committee for the 2021 leadership term (October 19, 2020, to October 18, 2021).

Prospective candidates who may be interested in applying for a position under the Nominating Committee's purview should be mindful that the Candidate Conduct Policy strictly prohibits candidates from contacting any member of the Nominating Committee throughout the nominating process and that questions or concerns about the process should be directed to the Nominating Committee Co-Chairs or the Nominating Committee Staff Liaison.

Lynn L. C. Jeffers, MD, MBA, FACS
Co-Chair, Immediate Past ASPS President
St. John's Pleasant Valley Hospital
Oxnard, CA

C. Scott Hultman, MD, MBA, FACS
Co-Chair, Immediate Past PSF President
Johns Hopkins Bayview Burn Center
Baltimore, MD

Pamela Bailey
PSF Public Member
Lake Forest, IL

Angela Cheng, MD
Southeast Regional Representative
Emory University School of Medicine
Atlanta, GA

Derek G. Cody, MD, FACS
Midwest Regional Representative
Crystal Clinic Plastic Surgeons
Akron, OH

Warren A. Ellsworth, IV, MD
ASPS Representative
Houston Methodist, Weill Cornell Medical College
Houston, TX

Amanda Gosman, MD
West Regional Representative
UC San Diego School of Medicine
San Diego, CA

Samuel J. Lin, MD
PSF Representative
Harvard Medical School
Boston, MA

Alan Matarasso, MD, FACS
Carry-Over Member (ASPS)
New York, NY

Babak J. Mehrara, MD
ASPS Representative
Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
New York, NY

Terence M. Myckatyn, MD
Southwest Regional Representative
Washington University in St. Louis, Siteman Cancer Center
St. Louis, MO

Christine Rohde, MD
PSF Representative
Columbia University Irving Medical Center
New York, NY

Renata V. Weber, MD, FACS
Northeast Regional Representative
MD Specialists
Clifton, NJ

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