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Committee Service Information

As of October 19, 2020, more than 1,250 members of the American Society of Plastic Surgery and The Plastic Surgery Foundation serve on 71 committees. The term "committee" is used generically to include committees, subcommittees, work groups, task forces, councils, etc.

Committee Service Application

The committee service application is currently closed and will reopen February 1, 2021, through April 30, 2021, for service from October 18, 2021, to October 31, 2022.

Frequently Asked Questions about Committee Service

Committee Service FAQ

Online Committee Orientation

Whether you're preparing to join a committee for the upcoming term, continuing as a current committee member, or considering committee service, the online committee orientation will provide you with information about the committee process, the importance of committees at ASPS/PSF, roles and responsibilities for committee leaders and members and commitment expectations.

Click here to access the orientation.

Work Product Agreement

Effective with the 2021 leadership year, which begins October 19, 2020, all members of ASPS committees must sign an agreement confirming their understanding that any work generated by the committee or they as committee members is owned by ASPS. Members may access the Work Product Agreement here.

Committee Appointments Guideline

The Executive Committee-approved Guideline for Committee Appointments provides a comprehensive and detailed description of the process by which committee appointments are made each year.

Committee Listing

The Society / Foundation's 79 committees are divided into Business Lines listed below. Members may click on the Business Line name to see the committees under that line. Alternatively, a visual representation is available on the Governance Organizational Chart.

Committee Site

The Committee Site houses general information available to all committee members, as well as committee-specific information such as:

  • Committee meeting agenda
  • Minutes from past committee meetings
  • Upcoming events
  • Roster
  • Committee description

How to Access General Files

Files, such as the Governance Organizational Chart, Member Travel Reimbursement Policy and Reimbursement Form, Society and Foundation Bylaws, etc., are available to Society members and can be accessed by clicking on the file name in the General Files area on the lower right of the My Committees home screen.

How to Access Committee-Specific Information

Committee-specific documents and information can be found on the committee's homepage, accessible by clicking on the committee name on the left side of the screen. Only members of the specific committee may access the committee's documents.

ASPS Mobile App

ASPS Committee Members may access the Committee Site through the ASPS Mobile App. Click here for information about the mobile app and how to download it to your device.

Member Travel Policy

The Society/Foundation Member Travel Reimbursement Policy provides specific guidelines for reimbursement for expenses associated with travel to Society and Foundation committee meetings. The Member Travel Reimbursement Policy At-A-Glance document summarizes many of those requirements, but the Travel Policy contains all the details.

Conflict of Interest Disclosure Statement

Beginning with the 2017 leadership year, all committee, subcommittee, work group and task force members are required to annually submit a Conflict of Interest (COI) Disclosure Statement.

With this new online form, members may update their COI Disclosure Statement as necessary throughout the year. Staff liaisons will run new disclosure reports approximately two (2) weeks prior to each Board or Committee meeting to attach to the committee's agenda.

Additional information, including the Society's COI Policy and Governing Documents, is available on the Conflict of Interest Resources page.

Additional Committee Resources

Additional Committee Resources are accessible from the link posted to the Surgeon Community page.


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