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Plastic Surgery Clinical Privileges

This resource has information on granting clinical privileges for plastic surgical services based on the realities of medical practice and education of the specialist.

Summary Statements

Plastic surgeons who are certified by the ABPS, Inc. and who are members of the ASPS have undergone rigorous training and have been evaluated by their peers on their practice of plastic surgery, from both the technical and ethical perspectives, in written and oral formats. Board certified plastic surgeons should be eligible for consideration to perform the above procedures by virtue of their plastic surgery training and certification process.

Plastic surgeons certified by ABPS, Inc. should be eligible for consideration for clinical privileges at all hospitals, clinics, managed health care organizations, military service and third-party payment organizations created and operating within the United States of America and Canada. It is not the intent of the ASPS to define requirements for membership on hospital staffs or other health care entities, or to define who shall or shall not perform plastic surgical operations. The ASPS does not purport to limit the professional activities of any licensed physician or health practitioner, or to interfere with their legitimate and regular activities.

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Published by: The American Society of Plastic Surgeons, October 2011


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