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Urgent request from New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo

The New York Governor's Office has requested that ASPS share the following information with members in the state, requesting that every plastic surgeon in New York state complete the survey in the link below:

Due to a shortage of ventilators and urgent public need, Governor Cuomo has issued an executive order requiring all unused ventilators or equivalent devices to be reported and made available to the state.

Any institution, office, or person whose ventilator or equivalent device is used by the state will have their ventilator or equivalent device returned to them in the same condition, be provided with a newer replacement device, or receive financial compensation from the state to purchase a replacement.

Please fill out the following information and you will be contacted to arrange pick up of your device if it is needed. Thank you.

The survey can be completed here:

Completing this survey is mandatory for New York plastic surgeons. ASPS also encourages members to continue to submit available ventilators and PPE to the ASPS clearinghouse to meet national COVID-19 needs at

Please contact ASPS Executive Vice President Michael Costelloe at with any questions or concerns.

Click Here to Complete the Survey