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Views from the front lines: Society members recount tales from the E.R. and ICU in COVID-19 battle

When the COVID-19 pandemic escalated in the United States, several ASPS members utilized the nationwide suspension of most plastic surgery procedures as a means to volunteer for E.R.s and ICUs.

Trying to find new perspective in a time of stress and uncertainty

Summer E. Hanson, MD, PhD, found a new perspective in the midst of the stress and uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic.

As the days progressed: Reflections from volunteering in the COVID-19 ICU

Kristen Broderick, MD, shares her experiences volunterring in the COVID-19 ICU.


International roundtable: COVID-19 and plastic surgery viewpoints from around the world

Although the United States now leads the world in both confirmed cases of COVID-19 and deaths as a result of the coronavirus, the pandemic has affected the entire world since the virus infected its first patient in late 2019.

Plastic surgery nurse volunteers her services in COVID-19 epicenter

Jenna Angelo, RN, never envisioned working in the E.R. when she began her career as a plastic and breast surgery nurse in New York five years ago. Then the coronavirus pandemic hit.

Finding light in the darkness

Plastic surgery resident Marisa Smith, MD, shares her experiences working COVID-19 ICU.