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Committee Service Resources

Getting Started

Welcome to committee service, and thank you for volunteering your time, expertise and interest! If you are wondering where to get started, look no further. Follow the quick and easy steps outlined below to solidify your committee membership.

Confidentiality and Work Product Agreement

Take a few minutes to read through and sign the CWPA form. This no longer needs to be signed annually, but if you haven't signed it since September 2021, please follow the link to fill out a new form to ensure your continued involvement in committee service. Click below to sign!


Conflicts of Interest Disclosure Statement

Next, you will need to follow this link, read the COI Disclosure and agree to it. Be sure to hit that "Submit" button. This disclosure must be reviewed and signed annually to continue committee involvement. Click below to sign!

COI Disclosure

If you have questions about what to report, feel free to check out the COI Disclosure Training module we have available. Click the button below to learn more about the COI Disclosure!

COI Disclosure Training

Committee Member Online Orientation

Well-seasoned committee members and new members alike are encouraged to review the online committee orientation. This orientation will go into greater detail about both a committee member's and a leader's responsibilities.

Committee Orientation

Still Have Questions?

Not a problem. Please look at our Committee Service FAQs. Informative questions and answers have been compiled there for the ease and convenience of each of our committee members and leaders.

Committee Service FAQs

Staff Liaisons

If you don't find the answer or question you were looking for, we encourage you to reach out to your staff liaison(s). You'll find their name(s) included in your committee membership invite from your service term's President(s). Your staff liaison can be reached at (800) 766-4955 or via email (first initial, last name e.g. John Smith,, and can answer specific questions about your committee.