American Society of Plastic Surgeons
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Physician Leaders Forum For Local, State and Regional Plastic Surgery Society Leaders and Staff

December 4, 2023
3:00-6:00 PM EST

Plastic surgery local, state and regional society physician leaders and staff are invited to join us for the Physician Leaders Forum held before the ASPS Advocacy Summit. This exclusive event, hosted by the ASPS State Partnership Program, offers the only opportunity all year for plastic surgery society leaders and staff to come together and participate in invaluable discussions on societal management.

At the Physician Leaders Forum, society leaders and staff will delve into the most effective methods of advocating for and representing plastic surgery at the local level. This is a crucial part of physician societal management, as our specialty faces numerous advocacy obstacles that threaten members' professions. Together, leaders from different plastic surgery societies will collaborate and explore the best strategies for defending our specialty, proactively advocating for plastic surgery patients and building coalitions to advance legislation.

Our focus extends beyond advocacy alone – we will also discuss the business aspects of societal management. You will have the opportunity to discuss and share insights on successfully managing plastic surgery societies, equipping you with practical knowledge to enhance your society management skills. The Forum will conclude with a cocktail reception, so leaders and staff can network and forge strong relationships with their counterparts from other plastic surgery societies.

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