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Administrative Information

Important Information

The In-Service Examination will be administered on Thursday, March 1, 2018, to all residents in plastic surgery training programs. The exam is broken down into five sections with a total test time of five hours and fifty-five minutes. This time includes allocated time for a tutorial, two breaks and completion of demographic and evaluation questions.

Administration Requirements

  • Primary Contact/Chief Proctor contact information for both before and during the exam day.
  • Adequate lab space required. Environment should be free of distractions, away from highly trafficked areas with minimum noise distractions. Every attempt should be made to allow program testing to start in advance of 9:00 a.m. to allow all examinees an equal testing environment.
  • Resident workstations with the recommended configurations for each examinee plus (+) backup workstations in case of the exam day hardware failure.
  • One (1) Proctor workstation with recommended configuration in each exam room.
  • Training Program requires a minimum of two (2) Proctors on a day of exam, one to monitor Chief Proctor workstation and one to monitor participants. (Computer lab staff may serve as secondary proctors).
  • A dedicated technical support staff with administrator privileges is required prior to and on exam day.
  • Test and confirm each workstation prior to exam day. Residents who will be testing on laptops must run system check at least one day in advance of the March 1 exam day.
  • Sign off required by Chief Proctor on review of Chief Proctor manual and Chief Proctor video. Practice utilizing proctoring software is recommended.