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The American Society of Plastic Surgeons recognizes the challenges faced by our member physicians as well as trainees and support staff in the daily care of patients.


After working in 5 different countries and making many mistakes I would like to think I have gained some personal insight into plastic surgery and plastic surgeons.

I believe the greatest preventable source of morbidity and mortality in plastic surgery is secondary to burn out and bullying. This pathology has negative impacts on our patients, families, and colleagues.

During my training, I developed the technical skills and knowledge to be a successful resident and academic resident. When I started work as a consultant I felt equipped to contribute to the improvement of healthcare.

Unfortunately, I had no insight or training in leadership. I was I'll prepared for an environment where all change is met with resistance (even positive change). I was under the ill founded belief that a leader is always confident and prepared with the 'answers.' I now understand this is not the case. I know that change is slow, leaders realize how little they know and should ask as many people for advice and direction as possible. Success may be attributed to one person but it is always the result of a team effort.

I would like to think that if this advice was available to me as a resident or fellow I would have had the maturity to listen and learn.

-Alexander Anzarut