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The American Society of Plastic Surgeons recognizes the challenges faced by our member physicians as well as trainees and support staff in the daily care of patients.

Wellness Task Force

In 2018, an ASPS Presidential initiative was begun to establish the Wellness Task Force. This task force was charged with exploring approaches to improve our physician membership well-being. As part of this initiative, ASPS is conducting member surveys to further evaluate stressors and barriers to healthy practice and well-being. To better address burnout in our profession we hope to focus our efforts on:

  1. Identifying individual and institutional stressors
  2. Improving awareness of collaborative efforts within the medical field to address burnout
  3. Provide our members with a broad community of physicians and online resources dedicated to improving wellness
  4. Encourage participation in workshops, lectures and national meetings dedicated to wellness
  5. Develop sustainable strategies for our membership to cope with individual and institutional stressors.

Wellness Task Force Members

Jeffrey Janis, MD
(614) 366-1704

Richard Korentager, MD
(913) 588-2000

Deniz Basci, MD
(214) 645-3104

Michael Bentz, MD
(608) 263-1367

Keith Blechman, MD
(212) 427-3982

Donald Buck, II, MD
(314) 653-5300

Julia Corcoran, MD
(312) 996-7546

Joshua Fosnot, MD
(215) 662-7300

Amanda Gosman, MD
(619) 543-6084

Juliana Hansen, MD
(503) 494-7824

Scott Hollenbeck, MD
(919) 681-5079

C. Scott Hultman, MD
(410) 550-0886

Ibrahim Khansa, MD
(614) 722-1830

Richard Kirschner, MD
(614) 722-3887

Ines Lin, MD
(215) 662-7300

Joseph Losee, MD
(412) 692-6203

Albert Losken, MD
(404) 686-1230

Purushottam Nagarkar, MD
(214) 645-2353

Vu Nguyen, MD
(412) 648-8736

Ash Patel, MBChB, FACS
(518) 262-2229

Smita Ramanadham, MD