The YPS Steering Committee works proactively to convey information about ASPS/PSEF to residents and young plastic surgeons and encourage their professional development through membership in ASPS. Participation on this subcommittee is an opportunity for young members to become actively involved in the Society and Educational Foundation; the committee also promotes a YPS auditor program that invites young plastic surgeons to audit committees of interest.

The YPS Steering Committee also develops the programming for the Annual Meeting's Residents Day and provides input to the Practice Management Education Committee on programming for the annual Senior Residents Conference. In addition, the committee has responsibility for the Breakfast of Champions event and the Fresh Faces panel presentation during the annual meeting.

The YPS also hosts the popular Medical Students Day during the annual meeting; the Publications subcommittee writes approximately six to 10 articles per year for the quarterly YPS Perspective supplement to Plastic Surgery News; and the advocacy subcommittee participates in AMA activities and encourages participation in advocacy efforts spearheaded by ASPS.


The YPS Steering Committee is structured to reflect the organization of ASPS. There are workgroups in the areas of Advocacy, Education, Communications, Member Services, Research, Academic Affairs, and International Services. If you would like to learn more about the activities of the YPS Steering Committee or any of the workgroups please contact a committee member.