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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up to be part of the YPS Forum?

All eligible young plastic surgeons comprise the YPS Forum. So if you are a plastic surgeon, are under the age of 42 and/or have been in practice for less than eight years, YOU are a part of the YPS Forum.

What is the difference between the YPS Steering Committee and the YPS Forum?

The YPS Steering Committee is composed of members of the YPS Forum who have volunteered to take on the organizational and leadership roles in the organization. It is an official committee to which you must be appointed by the regular ASPS committee selection process.

The YPS Steering Committee works to bring information on ASPS/PSF to residents and young plastic surgeons and encourage their professional development through membership in ASPS. Participation on a subcommittee is an opportunity for young members to become involved in ASPS. The committee also promotes a YPS auditor program inviting young surgeons to audit committees of interest.

What does the YPS Steering Committee actually do?

  • The YPS Steering Committee hosts and plans a number of activities at Plastic Surgery The Meeting:
    • Residents Bowl
    • Fresh Faces panel presentation
    • Medical Students Day
    • YPS also helps facilitate the annual Resident Travel Scholar program
  • The YPS Steering Committee awards the Young at Heart Award at Plastic Surgery The Meeting.
  • YPS updates and maintains the Medical Student Essentials, available on the ASPS Education Network. Click here to access it now!
  • The YPS Steering Committee also provides input to the Practice Management Education Committee on programming for the annual Senior Residents Conference.
  • The publications workgroup writes and edits the YPS Perspectives pages of Plastic Surgery News.
  • The advocacy workgroup participates in AMA activities and encourages participation in advocacy efforts spearheaded by ASPS.
  • The YPS Steering Committee members are often called upon to be a part of taskforces, committees and workgroups. They are asked to provide input on other timely issues and projects of the Society. Most YPS Steering Committee members serve on a number of ASPS committees.

How do I apply to be on the Steering Committee?

The members-only side of the ASPS website has a link to committee applications. Simply fill out the committee application and check the YPS Steering Committee box. Include an explanation of why you want to be on the YPS Steering Committee. The YPS Steering Committee is appointed annually, and the term begins at each Plastic Surgery The Meeting.

What if I am not on the YPS Steering Committee? How do I become involved?

You don't need to be on the Steering Committee to be involved in the ASPS YPS.

  • Getting involved is easy – just contact any of the YPS Steering Committee members.
  • Another way is to show up at the YPS events at Plastic Surgery The Meeting. Make sure to introduce yourself to one of us and let us know you are interested in serving. Audit our YPS Steering Committee meeting to see what we do. There is always work to be done, and volunteers are always welcome.
  • If you are interested in one of the other ASPS Committees:
    • Apply directly to the committee online by filling out a committee application. Deadlines are posted online.
  • Perhaps you have a new idea or have an idea to improve membership, advocacy, programs or other areas. Contact us and we will do what we can to help put those ideas into action.